Food Fund: John Visits the Carlsbad Police Department

Friday, November 3rd


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Another reason love Carlsbad tune. Or possibly fear Carlsbad. In any cop for a few hours. A. It doesn't mean the morning on San Diego's number one for new country he has that way and it is our first food fund of the season we are at the family owned for twenty plus years. Village kitchen and pie shop right off camera at. The five super convenient to get to and only got the food or even standing eating it to. And just keep myself busy because we will eat we will eat shortly our NIC another cool one at the Fries the upper sixties to low seventies we are here today not only. To stop the food shelves this in eagle food bank. But we're also here to celebrity community where we are we're all together in this weather were helping neighbors at a at a meal or helping our neighbors stay safe and I got to do. I did the right along with the Carlsbad police department you know we we took the advantage of of these guys last year in the gasses come out for their canine training that was awesome you put us the type of body size than the suit on they remembered that they were very receptive to that they wanted it to a one up what you did with measles and handed me all on his own during their morning briefing is definitely a cup you were up her. I was a I was hurt for a while and by the way. It was it was really a learning experience and I went and she's my friend officer Mike first. I'm officer Michael McKinney but the Carlsberg please permit a Michael most important question. That I'm gonna ask you tonight Tara that's how we've been listening John Tim in the morning. Ivan was in giant anymore instance. About a thousand. Tosses and he has started to it means the world Lewis think before you do earlier this afternoon I was at in your briefing he had me wrapped up in some contraptions called the blue is called the wrapped right it's a device that we we use in law enforcing now aren't you. Essentially takes a morning custody it's thought safer for people. So I was cuffed and Allison the place in this rap which B cigarette well retro my legs and attached to my chest pain and in series goes reform in the rap but I looked okay. Yeah you are great yeah everything was getting you know I'm very very vain so yeah ceremony but isn't being apprehended yet you show a little bit there I mean have Yahoo! that Islam or force them and everything well as the shocking two dozen the first time ever in handcuffs yeah. You did you deliberately fine I mean you know you made the comment that they can gust front come fall and no matter how we do on the you know Hank Gonzalez command of that I added. Not a pleasant experience he went on avoiding cups later in life. And you might be surprised by the is it like it. You'll Fuzzy post and Fuzzy handcuffs you get those nobly story and you know. At that facility use the optional or not but I love that you were worried about your formula. While you're being arrested and apprehended that on an a okay. As far as we're on our right along we're patrolling the streets of Carlsbad specifically Carlsbad village which is off to Mike's territory downtown if you will. I can ask delve deeper and how he became a police officer in Carlsbad to watch like cop shows and your kids. I guess all the time best won't move. The best ones that I hazel watched cops did this show cops and all the time. I highly doubt how law enforcement was then it was just Jackson's up it was just how much law enforcement plays an impact on the community. That's why you can't there is alive again police officer is and I did the average fifty men's program and high schools recommended tougher I would have told us about under age drinking and driving. And this country and in general and how as a result I'm every fifteen minutes from they didn't I didn't. And it really intact and ineffective it is such a huge impact and people lose their line all the time drinking and driving. Those cops that did itself. It testing cops inspire did you get any wonder why it. In between somebody in the cops called on them in good time that you show up they can't just clean up a bit boots put assured analysts yeah it's that. There's there's been planning it play at times that you know you get any. That's pretty dead men well I like god I every time I watched you guys do your job in the MTV Derek coverage I'm always watched the verb get dragged out with Mosher could put absolutely not at least put assured on the season. You'll maybe get a quick shot or you don't eat. And you know odds ideas yeah I guess is as high as I had a lull until it's plugged lies to matter you know good. I really got like you know worried because most solid like that as an. Yeah exactly. How's my form and administered and it get gets showered. Oh my god twit army dragon with my mug shots with your dollar and trying to have some fun it would doing a serious job and we we did a couple pull over his major rule was saved. And within Israel that. If you are ever get pulled over I hope you don't ever get pulled over in Carlsbad I hope with an officer Mike. Because he's a nice man and he just wants to protect the community and he uses. And I asked him what he did he get a specific. Ritual that he did every day as he drove to his beat if you will and you're gonna love this that remind you that the me. Jimmy the one thing that I always get my (%expletive) doesn't get chances to diamond beach not horrible part. Hi I'm using the housing plan and applause and thanks to witness it at Carlsbad and work for the city of calls about these. As as it's just you just drive by you look down into the water you look at these beautiful. He is the best ever and I want to walk by they're always smiling. It's a great city you'll work. I see it's presumably then. That's that's besides my nanny gets its artist. How we get to the downtown area network starts that sort. He is a good man. These kids what he has to have his body of Mary nice and I want officer Michael all of our police officers Everett is the one thing. Let's go home at night in view with their family safely yes absolutely they could Carlsbad police department.