Food Fund: Jim Flores of the San Diego Food Bank

Friday, November 3rd


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San Diego's number one for new country kick is Noah and John and Tim in the morning it is our purse boot fund of the season at village kitchen appliance shop. This is insanity a kid going to leave. Carlsbad North County representing today I'll take a lot of the producer's death was on location in the parking lot I don't have to apologize. I never let the big idea guy driving I. All of that fare well there are great out here how do you ever. You still lots Ellison that those warrants indicate they're people that can't come to breakfast this morning but I wanna donate. So they're driving through we've got our kids who improbable team we love very much out there. Collecting cans collecting boxes of food and if you if it's as simple as you Roland on your window. And handbag off to our team please feel free to do that feel good about doing that yet don't throw the cans and that's a little tough yet to be imminent yet but anything about it and. Howard it. Let's Mike yeah I'm moving I'm moving on moving on moving on joining us now is the president and CEO. I have to see Indian food be we have Jim flora while this morning guys. Asa it's been a great turn this morning for our very first one. Very impressive you know the city of proving to northern north any food bank a couple of years ago facility appeared. North County is really embraces especially Carlsbad who really love most people coming up the sport the local food. And again the food bank serves on many people that that most people probably don't even realize that we have been about 370000. People a month. That's active duty military and their dependents it seniors it's children living in poverty in mostly it's the working poor. Now the thing is is in the problem with hunger is that you don't even realize it when you work with him when he was school with maybe you. Are hungry and don't have you pay your bills that he can't put food on the table as three guys come. It absolutely no one who are supporting the working pour. These are people really need Mora hand up and hand out. They're working hard every day to try to support their families and when they have less resources they're also not able to afford healthy food yeah music kids are gonna have prone to obesity and diabetes. Brain development and have a trouble get a good education so that it recycle poverty right they. Yeah absolutely and in one of the biggest things that that is wonderful for the food bank is giving. Approaching that's the first thing to go when people are on a budget because it's the most expensive. Ray proteins and fresh approaches. You know for people coming out here and have decided with their bring in bring me some peanut butter element peanut butter yeah I've protein kids love it and it's too expensive for us about it. But I think about that when you would think 10 o'clock at night you're starving makers of a peavy NG as soon as we go to battle convenient and easy that is and you know somebody else would love. He opened their cupboard open a can Peter Pan up all right if you can't get out here to build it in a pie shop. No problem we're making it is easy easy can't overflow the San Diego food that much as possible we'd love to see it. The key SON dot com and donate to our virtual food drive. Yes exactly see you don't even have to come out here and we're super excited to represent. Carlsbad because we asked if you guys have stepped up and that means the world to us I Jim the pleasure as always guys are awesome thank you so much thank you pal and we'll see you next week in our next food fun as we hit a boat needs. I live five minutes away Irvin yeah its about today and that is what problems has come over your house when we're not perfect yeah I've accurate about.