Food Fund: Hollandia Dairy

Friday, November 3rd


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John hits him in the morning in San Diego cruel. It brings us to the village it's a pie shop in Google Carlsbad. More about it a moment but a big. Big football game tonight Carlsbad high school together and girls that takes on Vista which is bad news for this time. And a let's let's approach this and then we love. I don't right now we're in Carlsbad represented Carlsbad I will of their fabulous art features squad is here they take it well. Our. All right guys we got up extra early so you can who have special panel. Oh. I don't know it's possible this is definitely I think attitude yeah. I. Don't. Think it ultimately I don't. Right. So I'm dying. Lazarus. RA tonight against president gets high school football senior night tonight as well yes political surprise to make sure you have bundle up it's not gonna be super warm again today it's only going to be the upper sixties maybe seventy a little drizzle this morning all right so part of our interview food on the biggest part obvious. Honestly is stocking the ban the shelves of the San Diego food bank. So many people you probably don't even know me they're your workers your neighbors whom they need the food shelf to feed their family tonight yet in America and 27 team to be hungry. It's almost infallible. But he always highs in front of us how is that possible you know what it is and that's why we're here celebrating the community as well exactly and now most of the recipients of the food bank are are working. Working families and that's the most important part remember when you bring your donation in iams super excited. Because I have cows and Crimea as you did I have how is in front of me and chocolate milk. India theory has been and in Southern California since 1960 is accurate. 98 do you know him. I. Represent India is bad morning that. You. Open this rookie pass out samples of in the they squeeze. You for having us didn't and now you're telling us all of your drivers your theory every one listens to canceling because they're all fans of country. History quickly Halloween it's still. Money and I'm right here yeah. Yeah it's important that theory with. We're gonna have Tony Hawk you later. The world class. After two back in the preparing for very rigorous skiing competition what is best agreed. He injury three is nutrients. And into the rebound with a nothing you can drink. Now you know. There. Is right. They got into that with Google is carving a glistening on you know what we go to a lot of our local honorees and that's. Her for them it's great tan after manner work out it's that's recovery he really really is the best yeah all right. Know you have an event that you would like to talk about race. I asked him. That's the crime stopper. And that's light and I. Like learning some kind of liberty station in. The legalese that's now we've passing more than eco. Yeah. Promises and and we always support our military. And we are an idiot they treat hiding it well a little girl winner in November. It in. Others day. Saturday the eighteenth out of her okay. I can't. Thank you very much at Atlanta series if you back and think thank you for being a part of the community as long as you have absolutely.