Food Fund: Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center

Thursday, November 9th


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We're getting ready for our food fun tomorrow the second. In in in a string of three food funds that were doing for the San Diego food bank we did the south bay boat need to to be exact you can't make a stop on the south bay without doing something attenuated super cool so I'm here with Malcolm Malcolm what is your official title here out at the Olympic Training Center because it's actually to turn into a different name. Yes I'm the president and CEO of her about a month and a half the with the trimmings that are which was started back in 1995. Just last year change to the elite athlete training center. Effect that we do have some camps and variety of things perfectly in the BMX area more than anything else that and certain events we will have opened the public the biggest thing we've done most recently that. Is as we've over of this facility to other to other organizations when a train here they're one from obviously DMX US track and field and a variety of others we've now also had a number of European organizations here. Duration organizations and given us a professional teams we have a Major League soccer team coming here in January to train. Take me through a typical day here like when you're walking around what what's going on in this in this facility mostly is in the morning as an athlete throughout training we have everything from my Greg for instance now we're working with the idea referees and officials. Campus during taking place today as they prepare now for the summer season in addition we have a group from you know Czech Republic as during kayaking rowing right now I like at the end of the day actually just walking the grounds here because of the scenery you're in a situation here at the training center where you're actually a little bit remote. But yes sort sensible to two via the benefits of a San Diego region so it's nice to have a so accessible but even athletes themselves told me they feel. As though there off bonding with their teammates and training and a and a remote facility yet they know. At colonial have some fun and I am going to town that's easy to news. Think you choose where your food donation you have a ton of stuff for us here yes and we're super excited to add it to the total and we're kind of doing a little challenge against something we haven't last week in North County are excellent and thus we wanna sue we can do this week in south Bay Area. A south guy polls the polls are way we're glad everybody jumped in rather quickly because we didn't give staff about three days' notice and raise it was a quick hits but they didn't Regina thing they ever got out from them hope to drive goes well the event thank you and think it is time to read thank you. Also got the opportunity to chat with several Carol Olympia and this cool I'll while I was out there and they're gonna join us tomorrow morning on the show around caring way for that Johnny's cafe. On bone need to go straight in beautiful boat need to. Please bring as many candy good items as you can nonperishable food. As we told you before peanut butter is king to the food bank of gym floors needs one thing usage is bring peanut butter. And will love to see you rather have breakfast with us or yes Bruce just. I was going to say if you can't make it I'd virtual foot drive going and right now I KS when I come and you know it's great they can make one dollar into a glorified meals now with other partners and I brokering cats. Good so good there you have it all the details. KS ON dot com John Kelly's food fund are coming out to you when needed tomorrow morning on San Diego's number one for new country KS ON.