Food Fund: Celebrating Lakeside!

Friday, November 17th


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And we are celebrating east county and we can't celebrate east county without talking about lakeside it so we have first are gonna give you high five. Thank you lakeside fire department is here and then we're also Tonto to another institution. That is from leaks I don't get to that this. Right out for small fire underneath the lakeside fire department that's correct right that's correct I'm academia too good to see you again national. And then you know hey you guys okay yeah sand is the only side. Historically some in the community out there that result on the late side right now Laurie scouting. Well the fact you guys brought some food donations with you as well I don't Mena revival of the North County in south it was great last week but. I'm done he's county is has dominated the food drive me continues again this year so that it really is a community out there yeah it really is tightening view people everybody's you know. Like one big family especially in the park you know you are you backing up because Tennessee Titans are. Point I don't know you know. All of us them a little Bobble in and out entirely he never got to meet that safety video at the pool. You're gonna come to my house we're gonna make his seat dvd Laura pretend it's drowning you guys are gonna currency means we can do that. Your husband generally for a sunny day problems right there isn't it. If you'd be a moral good. But we never got to move now have a problem council have to figure something else and other titles are weaknesses are we'll bail you can't talk weeks without talking on eastbound bar and grill and of course Marcos with us in Juliet as well. You guys having trouble staying open this stimulus. Leaks. Into a rightly. Stopped. That thoughts of you guys you know I'm I'm closer now to the hills the other establishments in mesa and so I I've been trying to. Worked my way around to all of your establishment. Think that that's where it would tolerate a bet eastbound or grow and then. Mean these. I embraced it immediately because it reminded me so much of where I grew up. In southern Wisconsin small town feel that small towns service that getting to know your customers and you guys bring it every time wonderful we left hearing man that's in four wheel plus. She's a great dork story. About me my first time ever eighty's well Lockheed you guys are always so friendly high academic only can they recognize us. I know they say hi everybody Mara. Let them anyway because those are my ego I guess hit by the way country that's Christmas is sold out this year how they have bird Julie there's a way to win tickets as they're not yes there is actually have a ticket eastbound it's Wednesday where you can win tickets to the country pastors talk about a man Tyler foreign mayor in more isn't Blanco and Mitt wouldn't Russell Dickerson I think even we were surprises and pulled out so fast. And there is a way to get tickets again east on this Wednesday what's Angelina o'clock perfect insulin could Japan's Christmas tickets dot. When in lakeside hopefully you'll need the lakeside fire department but. Dear god bless the early in the area. And of course stop by and eat your hearts content at eastbound yes and it just answer that Marco has specials oddly Sanford apartment in his Arnold has ideas sleep. That's near the right here if you wanna just mention that for just a moment where. The quicksand at the lakes and buyer for but a year and a half ago there's a small kitchen and and something huge. But it's got that phone within minutes right eased down in the east so that athletes admired him and it here in England saw it. After it happen you know joke and they saved your business. Then the community and exit the disputes to. Right on I love stories like this by now that's a clip above everything else besides that was.