Food Fund: California Surf Museum

Friday, November 3rd


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Now we're very close to Camp Pendleton and we're also very close to the California surf museum who has a wonderful exhibit. Right up the road and oceans that odd dealing with not only. The soldiers that were in Vietnam the Marines and soldiers and and everybody that was out there. Who turned to surfing opt China Beach. To deal with in a boredom to just try to slice of home while their little slice of hell in Vietnam. But also dealt with. Surfing when they came back to San Diego to deal with these two from law that tremendous PT SD that they had. And many of them say it saved their lives and that is what we talked to with chain at the California surf music when I visited earlier this week. I am what changes and historian on duty here today at the California surf museum in Oceanside thank you for having me out here now it's wonderful that you're here. Now we are celebrating North County part of that obviously ocean side and the California surf museum. This display that you have right now is is especially fitting with our military time and kiss on talk about what's happening with his China Beach exhibit. We're so honored to have this particular exhibit it was over two years in the works. We interviewed over 65 man from and women from all branch Aurora. And we have put together a story. The power of surfing what it meant to guys who were able to serve in Vietnam during the war. What it meant to have as something to heal them when they came home after the war. And the surfers were the lucky ones they had something that they when they came home to. An environment that wasn't as welcoming and friendly and accepting of their service as soldiers from. They had a place where they can feel. They belonged and where they could. Get back on to balance the forgive a person who's not a surfer frisking me be stupid surfing question. But as the surf is good in this off the coast of Vietnam as it is here there's good. Dumb questions with surfing look good. Hey hey we want anyway you look at India I was wondering we want you to get this dope we want you to get the passion. It's it's something that sinks deep in your heart. And it's about. The healing process of it all in the fund processing them all and yes off. All of Vietnam the East Coast it's a little bit like the East Coast of this continent. You know consistent little waves after a storm great wave situations and everybody heads to the beach. But with soldiers being on these beautiful beaches. And they were trying to relax they're gonna drink beer in the sun they go in the water and they have problems of them alive guard system. Came a about the kid and then with a Laker to steamy used to rescue boards so if you ever rescue board you have a surfboard. Got here so then all of a sudden you have some guys with time on their hands and guys who knew how to surf before they went to Vietnam. And hold little subculture develops. You know it's just on an Internet famous scene from Apocalypse Now there has risked their lives to go surfing and I got you on your mind we couldn't wait to never get this good I remember that scene vividly. We met a gentleman in the surf museum who happens to be your retired brigadier general. Who shot film footage of himself in Vietnam when he was a lieutenant colonel. And we have that running on the loop in here so we have the real Apocalypse Now. All operate yes and you mentioned that there are many veterans were coming and there are visibly affected by what they're seeing here we would all respect for all veterans were. Able to get a great reaction. From the guys who have come in and come through the exhibit. We used surfing we are served museum where not about the military were not about this that the other thing. However. So many veterans came in throughout the years of our museum history and said. Known for hadn't been for surfing when I came back from Vietnam. I'd have been a basket case I have I have done something horrible. So after twenty years of listening to this we realized there assist the story here. Myself my own two eyes heroes that there. Eyes glistening looking at these displays media themselves who knows yeah but so many lives affected by that and you know it's I'm not a surfer don't pretend to be a surfer but I'm fascinated by it and knowing the therapeutic. Nature of what surfing is all about India and save lives it was really cool to see the California surf museum is an Oceanside grabbed the road where we are right now. For giant Andy's food fund our first of the season it's already hopman.