Fleet Science Center is Taking Part in Thanks for Your Service Giving

Thursday, November 9th


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We are super still because the fleet science center has a new film called aircraft carrier guardian of this season's opening up. This Friday and joining us right now is a US navy captain featured in the film captain Craig clapper tin. Capping clapper did thank you for your service is an honor to speak to assert. Good morning captain clapper to. Autonomous serve and I appreciate you taking the time to political talk about the great movie today. Do we call you captain Clapton movie star now. Ha ha I. That's like try to tell my wife all the time she doesn't seem to think that works so good. Really I think being a US navy captain might be enough for the life of maybe I don't know this. It's a great dome and not even though the director did not end up witnessing together the IMAX really you know bombs put up a couple not originally immerses you into what's going on board a US navy aircraft are sort of fantastic opportunity they do an amazing job they really make you feel like your standard right there on the flight line. Up on the flight deck want in airplanes from you of the of the footage was shot that's the on not USS Ronald Reagan. While they were out conducting job a multinational. Been called real impact grow rim of the Pacific operation in and a lot of the from the individual person that approach and the person type stuff what shot aboard USS Theodore Roosevelt right you're not in San Diego and not. They just did such a great job of really taking you inside the inner workings of the aircraft carrier. And and really making it feel like you're right there on the flight deck. Captain Craig clapper in his with us US navy captain whose featured in the new film with a fleet aircraft carrier guardian of the seas captain clever and we want to ask you question and see if you can confirm or deny. A bit of trivia that we I'm always here whenever we take a form Laura Cruz in nickel by. The USS midway okay it may seem like the average person like me or John Kerry and producers staff come on an active ship. Would they have about a 92. Life span is that true. Well we would never lets up there by yourself put out so I will tell you you know we re frequently say. An aircraft carrier flight that is you know all all one of the most dangerous Warner happy acres of territory on the planet. I'm young men and women that work down there on a daily basis. Are incredibly well train their professionals and it is very dangerous if you don't know what you're doing unborn to properly trained you cannot even get down there and and do a very safe week. Time and time again you know the young men and women are down on flight decked out. On a deployment 678 months along when they work six days a week. And the gotten a flight deck are working anywhere from twelve to sixteen hours today is an error an amazing group of professionals that top performing extremely well. And this is really cool couple months ago we heard planning the show we all got together and thought what we should do. Because we moved here six years ago we didn't have any of sailing with as it was just us we couldn't do it our family for Thanksgiving. We thought you know what there are so many young men and women heroes in this town stationed here from all over the country who have the same situation. I as part of the US military tool or doing capping clapper tin is giant pennies thanks for your service giving. And we are having it November 19 at the USO downtown we've got 200 military families. We've got. A huge Cormier Thanksgiving dinner spread or a football on the big screen all kind of giveaways and the fleet science center has been kind enough. To provide us with 200 tickets for our military families to see aircraft carrier guard near the scenes featuring US navy captain Craig cooperatives all of that's. That that's really cool you got you guys always do a great job taking care that the navy here in India the entire Indian community does but especially the radio station and we. We really appreciate that that's that's very kind of you to do or not. You're exactly right it's you know Thanksgiving appropriate time to take care those families in need especially those families that are out there serving our country so we really appreciate that. And we appreciate you we're not gonna stop thank you for what you all do it's the least we can do. A captain Craig clapper to in the US navy captain featured in the new film aircraft carrier guardian the seas go see it before the big star doesn't want to Archie anymore. Think you captured clapper ten. All we always happy to talk to people butter crackers soda. My favorite things to do. Can't think after it and thank you for your time sir. Thank you very much and thanks what you guys do for the military.