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Good morning and welcome to another edition of living veteran San Diego public service presentation of Vienna count San Diego radio stations and Gary Lee. First step palace in North County is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to providing free short term non medical services including shelter. And detoxification. Assistance to men seeking to break their addiction to alcohol. Joining us this morning as first step house of North County chairman of the board Greg the market and board member Tim Lucy. Also joining us is music detox founder Ken both feet. Music detox is a fund raising campaign set up to assist first at house of North County with their funding. Welcome Greg Tim and camp. They Gary and doing this morning and I'm glad all three you can join us this morning first step palace in North County of what we're going to be talking about today. Greg Abbott how much gives little back and information on on first step house sure. First a pass in North County is is a free non medical men's detox Heyward I'm desperately trying to get started here. In San Diego currently there's nowhere for someone to go doesn't have good insurance. Two separate from alcohol long enough to get into recovery. So there's a real. A real problem throughout San Diego that we're trying to address. And now we've worked at this little while we're we're getting to a place where we think while this house opens soon so. That's essentially what we're what we're doing with this effort so a house isn't isn't open as yet not yet we've been we've been in existence. Firm believer now about three years we've been kind of put in all of our 501 C three stuff together we are registered. Five on C three nonprofit. I took a lot longer we expected and we do you have that done we've. We've held a couple golf tournaments I would put together a board would put together a business plan and and really have over the course of the last say thirty months or so. Got ourselves in a position where we really think we can push this thing forward. We've got a lot of really good donations for various things and we've got. Volunteers lined up to work in this house but at this point we still have a house open we need quite a bit of help to get there and so. We're hoping this program can help us you know pushing over the finish line and indie guys have a a location hasn't yet. We are geared up from really are looking hard and Vista home of the north Kenny seems to be a very. Amenable. Municipality for this type of thing. We really would like to have a house that can house maybe six to ten men. At a time initially. We're looking for an area that's probably. Maybe a little rural also Summers gotta little space surrounded certainly it's it's not an easy thing for neighborhoods that are kind of typical type. Track neighborhood to accept so word we're looking in some areas it might be a little bit more outlying areas but still close to. You know paramedic and fire in those type of services so this is our is our location were open to other ideas or any people that might have. Homes that they may wanna have invest in recovery him in San Diego help us do that. Have you run into. Any any problems already with with trying to get a location because of the the type of the organization that you're you know not necessarily because at this point we have done so much leg work to get ready to have the house open I don't know that we. You know aside from trying to make phone calls to. People that are leasing homes are voting on having a little bit of trouble. A little bit of a challenge with. Trying to get them to understand our concept. Tom I think that that those those things are are on our doorstep now we're just at a place were really actively looking for a place to land them. And so you know follow up with me later on out of my give me a host of challenges but. I know that municipalities. Some are a little bit easier than others and it's kind of a case by case basis so. At this point we're just really ready to start banging on doors I guess it's a you have a a projected date yet but I would like to open yet we do we'd love to open by in it in the first quarter of next year. He or sooner we're ready now we have people. Trained to to work in this house as volunteers. We've got a little bit of money in the bank we certainly could use. More help financially but. We think it's reasonable that fit within the first quarter towards it for in the first quarter of 2017 we should be able to have a house opened up we get a little bit how. There's no reason we can't do that. Hopefully today we can get to some health and in that area but what is the mission. Then of a first step. Past our mission is to help the man on the street did in did you an alcoholic who has nowhere else to go. He's ready gets over. Our mission is to have a play three and come in and you'll meet people understand what he's going through maturity he got a safe place to be. It's safe and structured and it's there's no. Alcohol or drugs on the premises. You know it doesn't have to worry about. Anything else except to get this over. Now you Europe strictly. Alcohol addiction right yes we are as matter of fact it's important to note that this is not a sober living house this is a detox. And so. As Tim said our our goal is to get the man off the street in separate him from alcohol long enough to where we can refer amount to sober living or something. Some something of that nature so. The most difficult part in early sobriety for a lot of people that will be seeing in our facility is just separating physically from alcohol. Long enough where recovery program. Can take hold. And so you know war or we're ten day you know ten day detox. You can stay at our facility up to three times a lifetime. Oh once year and that says so those beds are valuable someone that's thing it's open I'll be very valuable. So we will have to talk to people who will want to turn people away we're not we don't detox from all PO I observed. Anything any type of drugs where you are now called detox and we need to keep it very defined. To be successful on that so. That that's kind of our our narrow mission ends and empty beds we have. Well you know I think we're gonna have to start with a bout is somewhere between six and eight beds are our our vision is it this thing starts 1 morning grows into something else I'm as we get. And some maybe some larger foundations to help back us and cement some. Once we've establish a track record we've we have found that wants to want to track record is in place it's easier to attract umps margin foundations are. Private donors to help expand this concept. And so that is our hope here more thinking probably somewhere around four bedrooms maybe two bedroom one. With what we call wet remote place for that early detox stage. In there is what we're looking mab a 45 bedroom house we cannot be in a commercial zone for this or if you have people over overnight so. As the residential it does really need to be mostly residential zoning magna and into the weeds on some of the variances. It's great care if we start small evil with a 45 man now wave we couldn't you know show demonstrate that worked excels when no word don't. And they'll be attractive there's a lot of people Alter interest and help us. We have the medium breath when the reason we're today once they see what we're doing. They'll be until we believers whose. You know seeing is believing and once we do that then we Sheehan had no other organizations were knee is well run. It's partly funded. And we know were Dolan. And then we can think about the next death. And right act could be an end maybe expand insurer and you know we're thinking 1020 years down the line has to be somewhere. There's a place for women to play sooners fall on services we could for people who were gonna stick to our mission. Which is to help the man on the street you need to place to go. He gets over to be separated from alcohol and then we can introduce him to the people that can help them from there. Greg mentioned a weight room what what is wet with. Well. You know quite honestly alcohol detox is is pretty intense I mean this is not. This is not for the faint of heart the guys who working in this facility that have volunteered to forty men and a party volunteered to work in this facility. Understand that detox from our callers is a little messier time Saddam. So we we will have one room that'll be you know probably like a tile floor and plastic sheets and something a little bit you know a little bit my. Able to to give little messy and cleaned up easily I guess you'd say. And so the first 48 or 72 hours can be a little tricky in alcohol detox. We will have medical training for those people that are there. While very close relationships with the local paramedics and firefighters in hospitals. But the police typically are going to be very aware what we're doing at least that is the case with the the facility there were more were modeling after. An Orange County they have very close relationships with all of the local people that way so. We envision the same thing down here so. Yeah I mean a web room that's just about what it says it's a room you could spray now if you need to help. Com and from their them moving to bedrooms. And probably shared bedrooms. And as Kim said. You know if you're if you're someone disinterested in investing in recovery in your community. What you wanna do is make sure that your money goes to something that that works something that. Is. Can be successful and is gonna affect lives and so we have to prove that. Initially there were gonna do that and I think from mayor like Tim said. Our expansion is going to be is going to be something that we're really gonna look towards. To try to reach out to him you know females in need this this is a men's facility first press start. But we can also move into some type of a Jason sober living. You know some type of sobriety campus. And that also creates a very positive environment for recovery throughout the entire community. Not just those coming im at those who come and volunteer. And are affected. By what they do and in helping others. What do you think sets you apart. From other detox centers one of the things it is different is. And if there's another place alternate does it for free please let me know but we don't think there's any free detox is in the count me. So well so everything is free that your gonna offer that's correct. And it's and we're doing it with private funding. There's nothing wrong with government funding to open we do a private when you think we are going to be have a little more freedom does operate. Without mania regulations. And we still have to follow the laws of course and do everything safely bit but doing it privately with the grab one more leeway. Yeah I mean those those are the two main things that separate us from from what's going on today is that were free detox. There isn't any free detox in San Diego there were aware of so if you don't have really good insurance. You're in trouble if you're trying to separate from our call you're gonna do that on the street and you probably not gonna make it. Com and people are dying every day from alcoholism and in North County here in San Diego. I'm it's a fatal and progressive illness and it and so. You know freed a free detox is is the biggest thing. But also like Tim said without the reliance on government funding the reason why we don't have any detox is in San Diego is because they're funding dried out. And so when you're tied to government programs or government funds and you have those strings attached. Others political environments that changed there's political infighting they can take place from for funds. Any creates a very unstable. Environment for a facility so. Our goal is to to not be tied to those things which is much different than what's going on now. And if I can tag accident I didn't understand as to why it got involved with another facility which is the recovery home for women. And in the old days the San Diego police would actually drop off from a gal who might be trying to gets over. But today they can't do that because it would be against regulations. These wonderful recovery homes can't accept people that are in detox at least over. And fully detox before they can start at step in the recovery. And and that's and so for all the reasons Greg said. You know good all the places closed down. And so we're we're fighting to tide were to you were saying you know what there's a need out there. We're gonna go ahead and we were committed to doing this and so that means is gonna happen. Who is second if if it happened in March like we'd like will maybe it's gonna happen next summer but it's gonna happen so. Other other detox centers in San Diego County. No you know though there's no there's no free. Period to recover. And but unfortunately they're not a position to take anybody come in off the street and there are good motives. Anybody that works for a place like Dan got to have a kind heart fresher. And when we're we're the people that that you're gonna help where are they gonna come from and and how they can hear about first step. Well they're gonna come from. You know from from all all over the counting I mean there's there's. S minutes fizz some 50000 alcoholics and in North County alone. There's a lot of people that are simply homeless and alcoholic they can't separate from from alcohol. And so what happens in a facility like this replace like this is is word gets around. In any if you need to go somewhere you know good for eco the first step house it's really a very. It becomes a very much of a beacon of recovery in any becomes very well known throughout the community very quickly because where else can you go. To separate from our call without insurance well there's only one place so. So you know we're gonna we're gonna do some marketing person able we don't think there are our problem is going to be. Having people on our facility is going to be is gonna probably be more along the lines of having too few events on our facility self. So word of mouth is and is a big part of it is that law enforcement community. I'm hospitals they cannot keep Q for more than 24 hours and a throwing on the street. Any number of those medical professionals. Sober living house is that need. Those people to be detox to so when they relapse they're gonna send him back to us to say get detox and come back. And so there's there's all kinds of word of mouth it'll take place and I can you you're probably familiar with some that I mentioned. Yeah you know I I think there's a component to this that. Goes beyond. Logical thinking that I don't think anyone. Sets out to become an alcoholic. Are definitely when they're in their alcoholism. Is it really knows that day they're gonna guess over if they're gonna get sober right and I think there's a lot of people are hopeless because they know if you're an alcoholic you know everything there is about alcohol you know what detox is you've probably been a multiple detox is. You know it's over livings are. And if you know you run out of insurance if you've lost your job whatever you've done. Then you know you you you're hopeless so as Greg said if word gets around this is places in beacon that it'll it'll just. It'll happen I think there's I think there's forces at work here for a period. That just happened and it is part of recovery and I know myself I'm gonna recover for a long time and most of the wonderful things have happened in my life. Are not things that I plan there just by grace. To use that term now you mentioned forty volunteers. Or got signed up. That's correct that's correct we have already got forty volunteers signed up to manor house. They and what kind of experience of these these people have that are going to be a revenue they're all in recovery all of them you know and so. That's the experience they have is they're recovery they've been in those shoes before they know what that man has been through. And then they'll be also trained for you know there's a training program at the go through. There will be trained from. You know some experienced people from up in Orange County. And there's a there's a protocol will follow and you know kind of up my medical training and and that type of thing so. It's you know it's it's it's fairly. You know I hate to say lose but it's fairly men the men who run that house do have some autonomy. To make decisions on the fly. Within the scope of you know they're training so. We've got forty volunteers they'll they'll manor house in any kind of in teams you know 11 team Ortega for a week. And and then there's a total of what ends of the inability thirteen teams like throughout the years so. Once every four months you'll yield your team will take the house for a week and now. They get a lot of help from from some people have done this for years from some of that from the pit facility at Orange County so we were very lucky to have some people there that are going to help us through this. And you mentioned some statistics and local statistics. Untreated. Alcoholism impacts our communities and in various waste any any other statistics that you have regarding San Diego County. Well I think I like to think at this statistic right now. Is that there's a man out there who doesn't know where to go. Who needs help and that's a statistic Alec that think about. I mean there's there's big statistics. On alcoholism. They've you know we can discuss that fact and alcoholism. Cause he US over a 185 billion dollars annually. 6% of Americans are alcoholics 85%. Of the US prison population and our caller drug problems. Half of all alcohol in America's consumed by 6% of the population. There's roughly 2200. Homeless. People in Oceanside alone. And you know our estimate is that a large portion of those are alcoholics or addicts buds every 5% or half it is in in. You know did the cost is the police the arrest the drone you know broken public drunk driving. Two you know they've done studies with. How many times alcoholics are transported to the hospital. This study in 2013. Or twelve alcoholics were transported to to the hospital 316. Times. In a cotton Custer city 470000. Dollars so. You know it's a tremendous cost you know financial cost and burden on our communities. And we think we can have a dramatic effect on that it was just one facility. And so you know that doesn't have anything to say about the human tall. In the wreckage it's caused well all the loved ones of the alcoholic you know the alcoholic himself. Is one thing the one about the the families and kids the lives. Employers. It ripples out dramatically and so recovery in in a unity in a cumbersome way ripples out dramatically to right. So when the men get sober in the community is over and have a place to give service. An entire community gets well and that ripples throughout the community in a positive way so. We we think more of more than just. They guy who's able to separate from Hong Kong get on his road to recovery there's so much other and celery benefit to this facility it's it's staggering. Jay Garrity among weigh in here this morning I walked past say Korea and then Kamal over here. And there was a man laying in the street outside the CVS pharmacy right outside the door at three likely spend the night. And you know the accused areas caveat is a wine bottle. Three spent the night and I don't know that Landry gets over pretty fear as he's got no word ago. So evident that the impact of having another detox center and in a free one. This tremendous will be tremendous but I think so I had it I just I just think there's so many people that have their hopeless they have nowhere to go. And in so many of them obviously do not have insurance. Or any money at all and so. I'm one of our members on our board we have a and a nine member board by the way for this some this effort and a lot of local professionals and stuff so let's turn recovery summer not. But I'm one of the men to gentleman that's in our on our board he had. Friend has a guy he would work with for years it. Did they whenever relapsed non from alcohol and he could not give back into detox he's looking for a place like ours he had no money and you know the short story is is that more than two months he he drank he used himself into a coma. And that gentleman that died you know cup couple months ago so you this is Israel's desires you Gelman. He was a friend of mine as well in Ellington and win a last year for the convention and he happened to be either ran into him. And we had a nice long conversation is doing well this is July of last year. And what happened is he got himself into good. Again we made some bad choices. And as Greg said he went downhill fast is the man that had a home a job. I healthy relationships and ensure period time so it's unnecessary didn't like the man I saw outside TV yes he could be somebody that. Is ninety you know he. Park next to work. This morning when you go into work and again you're a few months from now this could be the person in trouble to actually you know now funding. We've we've talked a little bit about it as it's pretty much you don't get any state funding or federal funding but. One thing that you've got going right now is is that something that you put together cannon that's music detox. Tells little bit about that. Yeah about six months ago I had a vision. About putting together his music detox it's just one of the things they can me and I'm a music producer and creativity is just something. You never know what it's gonna fall on you and it's and so wonderful thing and really the idea was. I've met a lot of people in recovery here who are songwriters and artists. In the music field and since I have a facility and I'm a producer revenue on this for a long time. IA had the idea of putting together compilation music project. To start generating awareness and funding. For the first step house and the thing that's great about music is there's a lot of different things that you can do around music obviously there's events. And in this day and age with. Where music is concerned people are you really yearning for vets and if there's a purpose behind an event. It really makes it a very special things you've got the music which people will absolutely enjoys we have a lot of amazing artists. And then there's a cause and I just think the artists themselves. Seem really willing to donate there talents and their time. And to connect their network to this network and that was one of the other things about this vision. Because North County is a very tight knit community and among artists and people on recovery people are very passionate about it. But I think there would be a natural. Networking thing that really helps to you know as I've said before blow this thing up. So you've got these artists that are donating their time. And and and what they did you putting together CD. Yet as CD and a digital download and we have a website already and it's music detox dot org. And we're just getting going we're in the middle of the production process so they're donating their time and their songs to and either the pro seeds from. The songs they're donating that that are kind of giving up their rights for the song because there'd for being part of this and in this day and age there's a lot of different. There's a lot of legal stuff that goes that's there were and taking care all that and then the money raised. From the sale of CDs and end in merchandise to or merchandise CD's of Vance and digital downloads. And a few other things which the website talks about is. Going towards the first step outs what's really wonderful about what can pound has come up with. And has graciously Jerry probably put 2300 hours into four ounces. Is an ongoing revenue stream I'm so so once we've. Kind of covered the costs and again music detox dot org if you go to that he conceded a short video. On its once the kind of some of the overhead which is probably at about ten cents on the dollar just to kind of cover some costs for us. Once that's met weakened haven't ongoing revenue stream with this we can have events around that we can have shows and chili cook off some barbecues with the musicians are playing and there's just a host of other ways for us to. Really get our message out and and enjoy and have some fun with that too you know and I mean in and enjoy some good music and so this isn't over a one shot deal that now this is. To be an ongoing thing and just to add is one of one of the guys from our. You know from our group of artists has been struggling and it's been so at some health problems and some financial problems and I I asked him to be involved and it's and he he it really. Like he just lit up. And it it's really made a difference forms of just the artists themselves to be involved in this. Is there really key thing and everything that branch you know when people are excited impassioned about something it becomes infectious. And that was really. The crux in my vision with this is that there's a lot of versatility amused about weight these songs themselves. Our great authors folk there's rocks there's blues funk jazz some electronic. Maybe even a little rappers still trying to work on that and like Greg said I've been working a lot of hours on end and there's still some decisions to be made and it's it's wonderful and and when and when do you think you'll have that the CD done for people are downloaded died in nineteen dom kid com. I'll and I'll hopefully by hopefully by January were hoping a period to have it out. And we're in the process of editing and still recording and and we're gonna go into the mixing and mastering and and then you know the duplication and all that stuff. Then there are some rewards associated with that so if you go to the website. In Tennessee there's you know it's that sore like a many you know many kick starter in type thing where you know there's some different wards if you if you donate them. We've already got quite a few donations going on it and so it's very exciting for us I think come. All of our board members and by the way that's true all board members have all donated personally to that thing in in Nam we've got a fairly decent sized donation from like a foundation so. You know our feeling is we just need to get our message out and we need to get. That's what I mean that's why we're so appreciative Gary have you having us here today it's it's such a big deal for us for it to try to get this message dockers. If it doesn't get out nobody nobody knows I'm sure there's lot a lot of people that would. We want to invest in recovery in their community. Because everybody's whose life has not been touched by by addiction or alcoholism I don't know anybody and somehow I'm in touch by itself. It's just a real good a great opportunity for us to be here and we're really appreciative of what cantor has bring in here with this this concept is just fantastic. It's a Jewish concept because each knows what's on the other side of recovery. And it's overly proud to be associated with the somebody's talented and and committed. I think it's great great thing you do and we are just bad times so. Tim what's the what's the let's send Jesse and its music detox dot org. And so I have a little sound clip where it's about a minute from one of the artists from the project is ams Jordan general lack. And that check it out. Yeah. Please. So. That's nice cap like debt. And Greg. I assume your web site. As all kinds info for people checkout in and find out more about first step house North County you conceal a bit about what were about there's a video nice video there was. Elliott Gould and their rating who graciously gave us some of his time but. It tells you quite a bit about what what it what we're doing so that we don't pay on their tune somebody wants to make a donation. And then if somebody knows of the property possibly that might be available or they'd be interested in in helping you with taken ES three website it'll be that absolutely that that we're really searching for a home and and work. You know we're willing to lease at home I mean where we've we've got some money a little bit of money from our golf tournaments we've had three. Golf tournaments and we've posted to this point. And so he we're you know will we can Lisa was an option weakened. If somebody would be willing to obviously donate or something that's a pretty big ask but. Yeah we we would love to talk to anybody who has a home that would consider helping us with us. Well one of the things you really need is we need France. And there may be somebody out there it does have a a property but in there somebody else involved in the community they care about what we're doing we'd like to sit down had a conversation. In May we put our heads together we can. Figure out creatively to make this happen so there's a lot of ways it then it somebody out there and help us you know we're open I have a conversation. I had again your website on the website is FS HMC dot org. And and think it's important to hear and understand that people do recover from alcoholism. Their current and lead productive lives and sometimes you just need a hand up and maybe their struggle a little bit they have Norah go. But they do recover on a regular basis in name and and it's a wonderful thing. To be apart of and that's that's what were all about great Greg Tim and Ken thank you to be on Saturday thank you for all you do. And as a recovering alcoholic myself I think this is a great project and hopefully we can help you maybe find homer gifts and donations as a result of today's show thank you very much here for have an answer we appreciate. That includes another additional living veteran San Diego the opinions expressed on living veteran San Diego did not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of the staff management. Of the and it comes San Diego radio stations episodes of living veteran San Diego are available. On the station's website. Johnny next week when my guest will be from the San Diego humane society. Until then I'm Jerry Lee have a great week.