Find Out What Happened When We Surprised John With Tarantulas!

Thursday, August 9th


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Apparently now is brag in just a bit too much about how. By saying I don't think I'd be bothered by tarantula that's bragging apparently and now on they have to get I guess put my money where our mouth that is. And we are gonna have a trash lie on the aisle are shall we have pond and Janelle from the reptiles association of seeing Diego in and look it's more than one torrential John there's actually several that are there and let's see how you do. Okay. Bringing in the experts on today Honda humble thing is going to be behind. Who broke news you brought some creepy Crowley's 00. Obama Hillary Spider-Man that would be a very big to arrange a gigantic tarantula and that is that living torrential. Can I. Tarantula oh the bad publicity can. Yeah that's what a king baboon tarantula Tammy can baboons are Angela because she's actually she's actually it's topical miss laid off. Is freaking out right now Jesse locally here having a hard time with a look at our. Yeah in my hand I guess I've never done this before this is. These so the Petraeus on my hand right now and dumb are you honestly. I want to know I'm divorced so he's not moving she's not moving it's not moving with those she. Oh smacks a Mexican red room grabbed rob I got her talk about it. The business this is not particularly poisonous tree insulin every list that as it's just what degree of that in the house of how to be asking if I'm ready to be nearly to that could cause problems follow Obama should ask them if we put it in my hand Janelle. And it could be a problem okay most people have a very mild. Reaction to that they do anything well and how would anybody know they are allergic to insurance until they got bit sultan what we can ship it and we'll find out if you Ballard had. I would like nothing less than to get bit by this thing. It's beautiful yeah. Yeah and you should train there may easily docile creatures the only don't wanna do anything for anybody they really would rather they sleep problems okay well I did this I've never ever in my life held a three Angela. Read it proves that. What I said wasn't just wasn't just aren't there. It doesn't bother me and I think you should try the one that's moving around a damn good I'm sure I've done I've done my share yeah I really am so proud of you and no idea it was coming and not that when you said OBO what went figured out what was happening. Mike I got a mountain out Michael I elder yeah I'm still nervous right now just because. I don't know if this this shares and moved she doesn't move and like later the lagging a reality honestly she was just kind of I kind of wish I knew that she wasn't planning a a a horrible plate right now. I'd like I don't undermined when she's walking on me it felt actually and the good like will pipe cleaners again this. Are you guys disappointed the fact I didn't that was a friend I am yeah. I know you are Carlos is great to meet you both safety and Thomas were to come on hand with awesome sorry I didn't scream. But I'm glad I'm glad I didn't bigger and better things that you ran X as possible. Well you guys I really appreciate you guys coming in educating us a bit in that I'd knocking scratch that off my list I actually held alive torrential that you are threat to our association of San Diego or use Wheldon now. Yes OK perfect. Nation and we started in order to help people get over their fear creeping right grant to dispel myths Paris biggest so much Honda engine now the video going up on kiss Owens FaceBook page right now.