Father's Day Games Contestant #5 - Oliver

Friday, June 15th


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We're gonna pack up right after the show and check out John into at least Father's Day games getting one final contestant. To possibly be in the pit for Kenny Chesney next week high as stern good morning how are you today. Are great I've that you are super excited as you are UN. Your husband is the final qualifier for John and Tammy spotters day games are armed and tell us the best thing about Oliver. About him Oliver he is that very. Giddy hanging. Plan being dug out of it waves are anybody like you we need to be there. Esther you mentioned that Oscar not only. It don't work for a living. But he also coaches. Your youngest son's sports soccer and football and also arranges his schedule a war to attend all four. And your kids' school functions that can't be easy does he eat or something. The even nagging pain that he he doesn't what do you do to attend all little on its market. Well we love that you are so proud of him and you love him so much can we have a little chat with Oliver for a moment. Or more Oliver happy Father's Day early buddy. RI Oliver is going to be joining in with the rest of our four other contestants possibilities. Into the galaxies. Toxic melt down at the presented by illegal kid's party rentals yeah we had no where there is suitable to show this morning to. Get ready. Forge on Jimmy's Father's Day games Oliver is one of the contestants and possibly might be sitting in the pit. Hi fighting Kenny Chesney on June 21. Recording. All of our dads are getting tickets for Kenny Chesney but the winner of today's claims. Gets hit passes so yes you can probably high five Kenny Chesney gras. All right Albert you're stretching down had a good breakfast we will see you later on this morning. At San grey eagle pleads party rentals to see value in the other dads of all ages and sexes as it turns out. Current or regularly at it again it's true in the galaxy meltdown. For John jammies Father's Day games. All right felt like photo theater all right Oliver data for I hope you're stretching and I hope you do it to work out this morning we don't overdo it because you need all your energy for today. Okay Becker has done a lot of great and I don't have to bother digging we'll see you soon.