Father's Day Games Contestant #2 - Matthew

Wednesday, June 13th


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Doing this so that we had last year called giant in his Father's Day games eventually our winner is going to be in the hit with. Against deceit Kenny Chesney on June 21. Morning Matthew. Couple things don't want us in Matthew first of all thank you for your service pal. Matthew arousal which you're happy early Father's Day anybody. Now what was great about your century as you're the dad. And you didn't answer for you which you entered for your ten year old daughter Caitlin who is a huge Kenny Chesney fan. And you're willing to throw yourself. Her hat into that John and see every Father's Day games to get herta Kenny Chesney. Dad yeah edit and honestly I don't go to you more excited that the public can exactly he boarded the Old Dominion important. Back but I did the hockey guys that they could keep it didn't think about it over the whole bag. That's awesome I'm pretty sure we're at the bottom of the list but we're totally OK okay. But I'm cool look like Kenny Chesney old demanding and probably do that cells are hot dog at the coms that are. Dan and I imagine dad gets in there and then when I grow like 1011 analyst that's fine that's totally cool so we're ready come down to take part in the Father's Day games on Friday. Have you already done any research on this Matthew. I watched this video go out on the web site. I'm comic back ready for it. You're ready to go out there thank you can take it off. But it listen Matthew we're gonna news on Friday and we wanna let you know that you already gotten came Jersey tickets or you're taking your daughter. Does he Kenny Chesney but one dad is gonna be upgraded to the hit. At Kenny Chesney is going to be so much fun with John Jimmy's Father's Day games and we wanna think our friends at San Diego kid's party rentals. For surprise a providing us with the galaxy melt down obstacle. A course at. I can't wait to try this thing out. Yeah yeah it is it's a bit odd. All right always look forward to meeting you on Friday and once again thank you for your fifteen years of service in the navy. MMC a Friday at the Father's Day.