Employment After Deployment: Tonya Atherton

Tuesday, February 13th


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Let's meet our next hero to get hired John Jimmy's employment after deployment. Please welcome marine Tonya. After kids on. Thank you for your service. Tony tell us about the type your time in the Marine Corps my how long did you serve. I different format ears okay I was stationed in Miramar with eight sentiment to plant in Afghanistan. And the little unless I calibrated helicopter just equipment so basically fixes stuff that fix the stuff that fixes helicopters OK okay. Somebody's got to do it got to somewhere actually. Exactly so did you lose the Marine Corps after you graduate college no I want to concert cheers and then I joined the Marine Corps because college expenses from. And then when I graduated. Or letting it simmering blower Allen. I use my GI bill to finish up my bachelors and it got complete my masters. The Marine Corps teach 200 calibrated helicopter equipment thirties have that skill to back here and they teach what you mean I'm curious how that you have to be you're. To be your job and yes my my enlistment story is not scary in text and yes Alan. I was tired of being home has. The same knowing the same people from high school churn at college. It is locked into recruiting office and everywhere in Alder trees are at lunch that day. Except for the greener it should've been signaled they work really hard. I thought I have to. Days later I was on the difference that's awesome that president that's a great story and and I can see that you're grateful for your time in the Marine Corps passes the it education is so valuable it is very precious and so I'm really grateful for all the support for people it -- for nutrients in them. It's just it's been so isn't this civilian world what kind of a position are you looking for my master's degree was in human geography. Ounces friendly people and your inner action spaces and places like cultures economy and link and he action okay dressed in something community planning. Arm of protection and management and I'm also really into it deed and people image that's okay. Something each art would be great okay I have a lot of my leadership skills are really good will from the green color. And has actually just accepted into programming UST for PG leadership. Which I'm not sure gonna take because I kind of I. Time between getting my Ph.D. and getting a job right and boy what a tough decision doctor. Or job apnea and sometimes having that that doesn't guarantee jobs I totally understand why your employer looking at that it doesn't necessarily make you more it. But you can look in the year ago and yet but she. Give me your bills like yeah. That's what yeah hello. Dot hi this is AT&T calling in and you have no chance and I don't. I'm not this is the water coming into adapted. Don't get our eye on some excellent sold all of your information will be up at canceling dot com and people click on John and Tim in an employment after deployment they can see. Your resume and how to contact you let's get huge job. Think it's time after ten US Marines soon to be employed and we hope with John Jimmy's employment after deployment we're more about trying to go to kiss when that comment all of our heroes. There's one job on Johnson is employment after deployments.