Employment After Deployment: Tom Stein-Cartford​

Monday, April 23rd


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I'm Tom Stein carper is with us right now he's a marine thank you for your service tell us see here thank you Patrick spores expert skiers welcome. Well when John Jimmy's implement after deployment brought to us Ron baker Chevrolet do you mind if I ask you what you're saying that a lot of people in the Marine Corps again nicknamed hegemony name. To me. I mean now mostly to cervical Stein so Stein you know and then a hometown gal parent out Ari just to get a couple of you know screw ups and boot camp only just looked to my name on unnamed tankan. What is that they had to. A common thing especially the marine corps' people with really long last names of at the polish names they just say like all alphabet soup or something now all of that I'll I'll I'll buy a vol so I up up up up. How can he tells what is groups ember into campers as naive I don't I don't know I don't know that I come back and haunt me and I just like sweating profusely hearing tells the volume out. So I was in Marine Corps for eight years as infantry guy most of my time but I did she sixers active volunteers in the reserves so. I served through bunch of different jobs and Billiton Marine Corps I just graduate from parliament as a marine. And some songs come up on the path a lot of veterans have been wrong. Get through it ands it's I just been blessed enough soon work quests like senator. Or send them. It doesn't internship just meet a lot of people on try to continue for Grasso is it weird for you having done your tour as a marine and now starting this new chapter of your life as a whole new thing is it. Someone and insecure thing or is like yeah I can take the song is as wells into the Marine Corps around that's probably one of the biggest mistakes that most veterans make its. We just handled more what can we not handle right how can anything in the world is much more cruel unfortunately them or simple and the world is not it's it's got more complex and it's turning eighteen now when things don't work that way and student loans unfortunately aren't just point and shoot what did you what when he graduated what are your degree on us side degree in social criminal justice so. Criminology with us side of sociology OK and what are you looking for in the civilian world for our regular career job. So I'm trying to go into law enforcement. And this put I've also my big passion is in the finish industry and trying to get a master's degree in geology. And it's so I've just been looking to I've been. Coach gene and been an athlete for a number of years while getting this degree. I was originally access science major and I switched over when I decided that I didn't wanna go on the medical industry announced. I wanted to do something that looks more like the line of service that I had in the Marine Corps. But because interest kills are hard to market the regular world the F being able to put that together and say hey here what I really offer is leadership skills and so being able to put that together. In a community and something in law enforcement that was really give back. And felt like away so what my real passion has been this kind of put those two together take the Khamese elegy sighed and put that towards. Hopefully. Gaining a law enforcement physical fitness program established and that's something that I eventually like take to the federal level call back but that's. There's so much to be done on that it's really just kind of complaints from this. Point somehow some excellent puzzled by your personal life are you married a single note. Just single guy hanging out doing two homer in thing you know girls he's really can markings yeah. Now I'm just saying if you want more information about Tom Toms thank Harvard marine. Or any of our heroes who just what do work let's help Tom and all our men and women get jobs when John came as employment after deployment. Hey kiss him and dot com. And of course John Tim is employment and after deployment it's been brought to his Iran baker Chevrolet Tom thank you get for your service yet thank you John appreciate it great to meet Jim Sorgi image of blushing. But hey what morning will be without the man is seen everything war has to offer Maria blushes when the girl says he's handsome well he's got the dimples and he's gonna freeze my community and homeowners and I'm really until it. All right. Thanks pal yeah thank you guys.