Employment After Deployment: Shannon Mahrt

Tuesday, February 27th


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Or about to get another hero hired with Jon today's employment after deployment she and mark is joining us right notion is in the navy. And (%expletive) and apparently this is kind of cool no stranger Jun 10 in the morning now my husband loves you guys super sweet to say Shannon was his name. Enter Andrew thank you Andrew he's so it's like when he started music content on the journeyman electrician. So it is commercial electrical work and at one point he had to be at work at like 530 and he's like I'm having John McCain withdrawals or not I'm in the car law. I love this guy credit are let's take this time to do something that we take very seriously you're getting our our transitioning military men and jobs in the civilian world. Call employment after deploy and getting her here was hired after they don't all their work for us in one of those heroes joining us right now it's Shane and mark Shannon good morning good morning. Transitioning out of the navy can't be an easy thing to do. No. It's not it's harder thing getting it I bet I write about it is yes he spent eight years and what did you do in the name and I am an interior communications electrician. Basically I fixed phones and cameras. Okay do actual work rate while. So what. Are you looking to get into now you're transitioning out of the military. I would like to do it's the type of defense contract thing to be honest I really love the military OK I'm just. Ready to be out of the uniform feature that makes sense seemed like to do things with military but as a civilian not that is elicited. The question is how stupid Cuba not being facetious at all when you say you're ready to get on the uniform is a figure of speech or is that re really why you're looking to get out because you're tired of. Putting on the uniform every day no I'm putting on the uniform every day this is a bigger speech OK it just means that I know in my heart that. I fulfill my obligation my duty to Uncle Sam and that it's time for me to move us toll makes sense too it makes sense. What do you do for fun honey. We do a lot of family activities we are very outdoors he very adventurous. Our favorite thing to do is Disneyland however the price of that is. Ridiculous that limits us. Yeah no kidding everybody we do the zoo a lot. And disease some mountains are so when you see we were talking about a husband the family gets a husband and tickets arsenal how older kids one and three. Also so little all so much fun boys girls boys boys own little boys only and would you like to get outside the investment and they love to assist that's fantastic. Samar is transitioning out of the navy and it's a nervous time it's it's it's a nerve wracking time. And it's hopefully something that we can note alleviate some of your stress if you can tell anybody right now who's listening who has the power to possibly get to a gig what would you want them know about you boots and. Very adaptable I am I'm good with. High stress environments. I can make. Do with whatever I have to make and get the job done commenting is something the military definitely teaches us is to be resilient resourceful. And adaptable just click on giant Tammy and the employment after deployment in the your photo in your may resonate will be up there are so anyone who is has the ability. Too I'd get you a job hopefully will not be calling you soon. Initiate a what's the count on you are not out of the media but it's any day now I. Sir my terminally march 5 OK so finally time we're talking about shed MR US navy soon to be transitioning out and needs a job. All of our information we found a KE SON dot com and John Terry's employment after deployment.