Employment After Deployment: Performance Bicycle In Kearny Mesa Is Hiring!

Wednesday, May 23rd


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Working together to get our heroes of the military hired with a transition in into civilian life that is what we'd call John Daly is employment after deployment being brought to us. Around baker Chevrolet. And one of 37 KSL and. Ian not a bad day you might get some sun at the coast today EAC look for highs in the sixties to mid seventies. According John ante every minute they're not a proponent practical how high Aron for performance bicycle at historic turning me so yeah. Rothenberg I'm a fan of us that we can humble worker we do treat the stories that are. How well I'm content because we have a couple of opening. And the employment at critical in the program the united. But it got look imperfect Aron at performance bicycle in Kearny mesa. Well we have the store manager opening I was two full time would benefit. And then generous employee discount. So if you will likely. You know knowledge is sort operation. Staffing merchandising in its commitment to her. Asserts a year guy or girl. Our employment captured deployment candidates are always featured on KS ON dot com or go to John Chaney with the unemployment after deployment. And if one of them calls you up and they're looking for that thing come in the end you want them to come in person or would you like him justice underestimate. Don't come in that shot you're wrong about you are so they're nowhere. Then we got. I've other locations continue area that might work out. Oh wow all right Aaron Aaron is these store manager at the curry mesa location a performance bicycle or and that is on runs in Rhode. In Kearny mesa performance bicycle. Hey listen we thank you for thinking of our heroes in against any mention you can either go McCain is doing dot com. John Jimmy employment after reportedly if you were. Some of that transitioning out of the military and looking to find work in the civilian world. -- F performance bicycle says they've got positions stop and their store in creamy soft Bronson wrote in see for yourself maybe a brand new career for you thank you very much are we appreciate you. Don't think you just can't. All right Aaron is a performance bicycle again helping us that was John Jimmy's employment after deployment brought to us by Ron baker Chevrolet. You know I know that our men and women in military air built to handle most everything but Q vaginal intimidating it must be. To like be your mid twenty's maybe later. And after I start all over us or your career and apparently what would you do Jimmy may establish radio right we'll have a solid make money would you debates I now I was playing my husband has been that same question answered it everywhere I go I don't know I said it first I don't know I'd panic. Exactly my point out to help these men and women who had a young excited to help us. And do you feel great about doing so with our friends Iran maker Shirley Johnston is implanted after deployment with the you're looking to transition we are looking to help those who are. What appears to a dot com and John Jimmy's employment after deployment.