Employment After Deployment: Jim Murtha is Hired!

Thursday, January 19th


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Retired air force Jim Murtha was calling us up with some great news regarding John Kennedy's. Employment after deployment ipso and before that though that was Granger Smith and if the boot fits and we do have rain and it's gonna get heavier before I'd 10 AM. Continuing all the way through Monday evening look for high say around sixty. Jim welcome back I heard you got some news for us. I got a job. And did not talk us through what went down after your appearance on our employment after employment program. So after the this. So. A lot of friends lot of and we saw. They were very excited they were encouraging me they were praying for me I got introduced to a lot of people a lot of HR mentors. We became friends. I actually quite for this particular job over the summer on the team that opened in December again and I Don I'll be working for a company called Delaware north. And they run concessions and catering and retail operations. Per stadium all over the country and killed the world. So I will be the human resources manager for those employees and at Oak Park. Right and that is the one who's HR yeah exactly that is so wonderful I love it. When our veterans with John and Tim he's employment after deployments. Gives us a call on says I got hired in the. I was waiting for the moment to be able to call you and tell you that. That's awesome body when you start on certain just. Just a couple of week OK you'll enjoy these last couple weeks of not having a job and then back get a map that you're just chomping at the bit. I am my hand and I want to thank you both so much for giving me this can't be on your show before I did this show. I was I was terrified did not wanna do it I'm not a fan of self promotion but a. Okay what it did do forming it pushed me out of my comfort zone I had to learn how to tell my story. Have a talk about there experience like out from the air force and how to can benefit. An employer and that just the feel that I did not have prior to doing this show so it opened doors even doors that you know eventually closed. If need more comfortable about talking about me. And what I can do for an employer so thank you so much for that chance because it opened doors and it opened the big one at echo. Or ten that's fantastic thank. Jim are you since the least we can do to someone who served American men or if you don't do. We'll take you very much want a war but all right take care. Kelly hit him visually and to constantly have our newest feature on John that was employment after deployment. Congratulations. Jim mirth. Okay. My wallet to your fed that is fantastic misread a work in your transitioning into the civilian world. You can email staff ST PH UK SON dot com for John came as employment. After deployment.