Employment After Deployment: Jason Murrieta

Wednesday, January 17th


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Our next employment after deployment candidate is a marine ten years in the Marine Corps Jason Erie and it's nice to meet you now. Most recent that you for your service thank you appreciate it I love you write your family went through did you bring US yes ma'am my wife Stephanie in my daughter Jamie too horrible. Beautiful family and what about the two would handle what's its name to miss Canada that that family Harrison had a little star piano and she has little in its name was. Panda so Jason is with us is we're trying to help all of our heroes who are transitioning out military and get to work Jason you're doing something right now. That I literally have a night near is about to this day content that is going back to school after a reasonable break at. That's got to be super stressful transition Korea. It is definitely from being so wanted to school and then jumping back into it it's. Little nerve wracking it is but a really great I really love what are you studying and I'm doing aviation mechanic okay nice it was the biggest thing that's changed since you've been school last. Me yeah I bet that's great answer I like the answer me that's that's that's very fair step what are your thoughts about your husband home back to school. Yet it's been hard for a back to school specially since I think he's. One of the only parents. There and studying with 01 year old running around sure that a little challenging but you kind of prosperity is doing itself and avoid absolute dog brought you are and relieved that you want to rebut your only two fingers over the weekend like all other. I can't get enough pop up a lot of ways it. And that's all right guys that you can't pick so you weren't looking for some work right now what are you looking to get into. A little coup in my hands OK in the ring Cora was we're gonna helicopters. I like to go home and have the feeling of accomplishment that things have gone done he and I have made a difference. So that's all I wanna carry on and keep doing what you're doing for school all panic ray I wanna do something that I can work with people. And use my skills I've acquired in the Marine Corps like delegating and I can manage people. I love doing you know talking and we're doing those people moon and that's a tough job not everybody. Can manage people and if you have that skill that's great John Daly is employment. After deployment we are with ten year marine. Vet Jason Marietta out of Marine Corps now going back to school for aviation mechanics but in the meantime needs to make some money for his young family. I understand that you took some awesome work over the holiday and Christmas tree lots and so you're the other elite who would listen he's what do we have to do your job is secure your family and and that's what you're trying to do right now. Right exactly it was a fast fast I get. There's a deal I know that you can think right now somebody they can use Jason skills is leadership ability the fact that he is a marine and put that to work for you were some that you know that they can do it while he goes to school and help this young family now so it's just go to canceling dot com click on the John and Tim page you'll see employment after deployment. And you'll see all our candidates were there who are looking for work is congrats on your beautiful family. Think you need it I'm in good luck with school and hopefully we can get this taken care for you keep in touch with us OK yes absolutely and Jason and all of our heroes. Qualifications are found at KS ON dot com John and Tammy in employment after deployment.