Employment After Deployment: Guild Mortgage Is Looking To Help And Hire Veterans!

Tuesday, May 29th


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I think it's very fitting I should say the day after Memorial Day that we start off today. By helping get some heroes hired with a giant in its employment after deployment. Johnson is employment after deployment being brought to us Ron baker Chevrolet good morning eight Gustavo. Yes RR a couple things first of all we're talking to Gustavo Gustavo I've done some research on you my friend not to freak you out. What Doug without noticing and neither of us a look at this problem. Thank you bet you we also Italy you are a navy man source also give them yeah thank you won't find. I bet thank you for your service estado gets a little breeze and this W you more specifically hired in San Diego. To do something that we do just because we want to thank people like you wouldn't give back you're here to get vets jobs. That's exactly correct like Gil brought me in on the senior talent lead here guild and again thank you are running your employment after deployment segment but. As a navy vet myself I struggled the unemployment and so it's something I really passionate about. And I ended in your lack segment something about that question you asked at what would you do you have to start over and that's really the question a lot of that have to ask. And from my experience cited a little leverage any and all resources you have and look for companies committed to that and that's where like you mentioned really are two men that is. That's something that guilt specifically want. Editor and tell us about Gilda mortgage and what you are looking for. OK so guild mortgage itself we've been observing the veteran community for over fifty years. Were up five consecutive time top police work in San Diego and San Diego Tribune we offer comprehensive benefits package. We're focused on communities there were killed giving in Greeley we have great result for this we have 400 in nineteen openings nationally. Wow 37 of which are in San Diego. And they arrange everything from accounting assistant customer service trainers I cheese sales and your listeners can review the position that -- mortgage dot com sports slash careers but I wanted to really take this a step further. By eight giving out our email address to recruiting so it HR recruiting that guilt mortgage dot net. And what we'd like to do as I have recruiters and ending the inbox. And we're gonna call every single resonate we get while and for the first fifty that are. We're transitional military is gonna call the within the first 48 hours and can't. And it will give them residues to try to match them based on their skill set to some of the role we Africans are so many I couldn't even go into each neutral but they'll also give resonate biceps Rivera would line and if we can't play them we're gonna refer them to local resource is an event that we take part part and to really help them all. Circle because stuff it would do that oilfield mortgage is doing is so it's more than just trying to get people jobs here you're going over and beyond if we can't we're gonna do this if we can't do that we're gonna go ahead and do this. This is an unreal show generosity and really shows that as a navy vet. How important it is to help Brothers and sisters out that was due. Absolutely absolutely and and really what you guys are doing and that's where values abroad navy term and they've brought those who do you vote then you have to land because. From the market that I come from this what you guys are doing something I've never loved myself thank you start. It's it's an amazing partnership and I appreciate you guys even give me the platform to. To talk about what guild is doing and most importantly justice served of that. That really have a skill that they can use than they just need and need an opportunity and that's really what we wanna deliver. This double on second concert in the attempt. But rob who zoomed to avoid it. Stop you realize what you just a little easier and real worried did I hear good news not that I am so desperate for my father's approval any fingers down. Hello hello and that's I was on Don talking to you and say yeah that's a anybody that any errors Bravo Zulu to. Awesome because that's how you receive nearly two weeks of therapy is what it just that I am hoping everywhere here and you know I don't offered. To get John out of the studio any time soon today. I walked through the door hi. And you're trying to I you are you guys are doing above and beyond that is so amazing the first fifty votes or you're gonna it to make sure that they get where they need to goal. This is an awesome bring in we appreciate you so much. And Java app break more yet yes this is awesome really. There are we able to establish information here in the studio and will posted as well and Johnson is employment after deployment which is being brought to us. By Iran baker Chevrolet Gustavo thank you thank you thank you. Thank you so much.