Employment After Deployment: Eric Benson is HIRED!

Thursday, October 19th


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I love what we get a call like this for John and Tim he's employment. After a deployment. We say good morning and welcome back to the show to Eric Benson hey Eric. I don't doing really well known as well as you buddy. Yeah. Do you guys and yeah. It's all good. That's our favorite thing to play it there are totally got a job buddy. The jobless and worked security debate that LA at the remote guarding technology companies to basically it's. While need to rely on all the training I had in the military. How cool is that it's unity come on the show. If you hope and pray that someone's gonna hear your story and that you're going to be a good fit for someone and then you end up finding something that's an absolute perfect fit trio. Absolutely. We're thrilled to hear that and how thrilling was it for you war. When you finally got that call or that notification that he had indeed menu going back to work. Good you know it it's definitely nerve racking. That Jakarta. Is it the same industry in the military almost but it's still yet about different industry Ulanova before so. It's but it I'm happy. That's good people actually like deer we like to stay up higher across your face. Up on your picture on the website now agreed that a person. But Delaware we're so glad that this worked out for you and you got hired. And others that you know war transiting out of the military please feel free to send them our way. Opera giant Tim is employment after deployment. What. Eric we appreciate you man again thank you for your service congratulations. On the gig and we hope it's a long and fruitful career for you my friend. Thank you very much and that polio. Erik Benson content I'm.