Employment After Deployment: Cody Littlefield

Wednesday, November 8th


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Right let's meet Cody Littlefield good morning to we look when John Jimmy's employment after deployment of morning. Cody tell us a little bit about your time in the military your service in what you've done. So I served for four years active duty I was ran as an officer Charles Prince transportation corps. Until they actually do it is trucks I'm trucks boats trains planes some holding anything anywhere and it's ago. By any means a certain actually didn't start doing that so the first thing I did I immediately deployed to Afghanistan campaign. And I it was a contracting officer and a project managers who have. So I was on the mountains of Afghanistan on the though on nowhere. Helping the Afghan army built faces OK and basically just managing all those projects for them my. And undertakings at payless it's very as a 23 year old Vieira and his second lieutenant Lyle wary eye opening. It is all that feeds the fire area until he's employment after deployment to any Cody Littlefield higher this morning Kelly tell us about yourself. Actually I do him proud of realist operate at a show at 1040 last night at a finest city in profits at the Lafayette hotel on a calm boulevard nights they have classes some for me again are all the way to advance so nice awesome at OK so can we can put you on the spot since you know him prod. And and did you play little bit to share I mean if you if the nonprofit investigative prop classes together as a show because it helps you communicate better brand but the one thing that we learned. More than anything is that you don't deny an improvement of animal roll right yes and yet standing in victory in reducing beckon Madison Wisconsin okay yeah I'll even do it. Im probably since January but I did musical theater for about ten years before coming -- so much in college you didn't realize that when you walked in the door and array adult theater background through high school of Kenya are seeing that no military for a little while now active duty have been out since July 2015 but I'm in the reserves OK and what are you looking for in the civilian world I basically have to pass them trying to keep open for myself OK one as the acting producing writing time. And the other one is I really wanna get into environmental policy okay. And sustainability that it signaled that I've been doing things like that the leadership institute. I'm called the San Diego leadership alliance institution to make a network of people that were into that type of thing okay it's kind of like a Progressive Policy Institute leadership institute that's really what I'm looking for my how colleges six background and that's what I'm really get android can do Maria the leadership's mosquito partnership and communication. So would you like to do morning show. With me I'm just a yeah. They. Germs are taken. It's been nice if here's the proper job that I'm going 40 by the way super is a cut back on the bronze stuff. I'm distribute energy to Cody and Danny in the money. I'm half a third company I can tigers are the big smile on your fifth NIP is not going in all the land here. Ian Leggett said before leadership my number one I'm project management skills are really. I've done a lot of project management have let about a hundred people before and I've done everything from logistics to contract in two grand project management and got some super employee if you want to hire Cody Littlefield you can go to QSONN dot com. Our employment after deployment page you'll see Cody all are really qualified candidates just wanna help your business and if you know somebody that is hiring please let them know to go to kiss when dot com. And employment after deployment thank you to always great to me each of them putting things traveling thinking you venting thinking of.