Employment After Deployment: Christine Pollman is Hired!!!

Friday, October 13th


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Slow refresh your memory Christie was a somewhat unusual. Employment after complaining candidate because she wasn't here she was living in Alabama who try to get a job here in San Diego so she can be with her man right here in San Diego. Have you mom and I would just like that so we have featured her on John attend his employment after deployments and what is happened since then I Christine. I mean I had got an email me and I throughout their current interview and I got a job. Visit us on the call we did do this now. Okay. A little while this truly overwhelming ground so to give you got your employer what are you doing. I'm and they need it. Entrance support for a cat energy. Carries so when you flew out here first of all that's that's a big sign right off the back of Italy flag he'll offer interviews and moralists are about to get that gig. Did you leave thinking oh I nailed that did you know when you left. I've you know because there are a couple of other people waiting to interview and I get patted by myself out there or. Good for you but it wasn't a shot and a goal you really took a chance on this. It was it tension filled in there real chicken each other Alex. It. Al Arab emirates repeat I would gain being. And we like Barry to the people come and attacked there that you know detention are actually pretty loud oh OK okay it was eventually let kinda colored but I would like. I heard Friday. But in your mind you're like I got this there's no way this child's gonna beat me. I really nervous actually didn't think I was gonna get. So explain for us. The feeling of complete relief enjoy when that phone call came and email came telling you that you in fact did get that job. Nicole called me. And I will now I'm well. And the. And I mean she said. You want to call me back and I simple like through the group I would almost screaming and I said oh my goodness oh my goodness then I just. I had no word. That is awesome and value to be read know your fiance. No one right well congratulations. And I'm so glad that you're you got a hold of us to get on Janet Cheney's employment after deployments now we get to stamp The Beatles hired across your face on your photos. You're seeing congratulations guys understood to get to work. All. Our eyes and safe travels below canal and the view that my guys the best idea. Let's meet Christine at the airport Monday when she comes on the escalator rain at Lindbergh field via let's have this playing a I am. Ivy bridge Shimomura these guys.