Employment After Deployment: Cassie Grindle

Wednesday, November 1st


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John Jimmy's employment after deployment you can meet all of our wonderful candidates are heroes. At KS ON dot com's going John Tami let's say good morning into our latest candidate Ernie was this can't see gringo correct. Yes that's correct surrogacy now Jesse you're in the Marine Corps and now five years you are getting ready to transition out yet tell us about. Tell us about one of your favorite moments in your time in the Marine Corps. You know the best times are just meeting meeting the people's flesh of the girls. You know you see each other rat your absolute worst. And senate that I have to be yes. Demi looked at the absolute worst we can we ask the best I imagine that deer graduation they must do crisis and it must be pumped. Now my dad if he yeah it's something a lot of guys can't do he asked you know I'm not a lot why couldn't we are doing right at me when you see. The white guys can't do pause look directly at John Dick. Diplomatic and that it wasn't what I meant that's how I met but there's a lot of men who couldn't graduate boot camp there's a lot of women to do it. Debt that's got to be like kind of an extra boost I imagine he had it definitely feels Dan forecasting grinned okay I see is our latest marine looking for work when she transitions in a civilian life Cassie what do you do in the Marine Corps. I'm mechanic and work on aircraft on my work and that and between two osprey there's a lot of men who couldn't work and you can sometimes I think that's amazing. I. Totally harassing Jon and think yeah. Transition out job search not going is as smoothly as you had hoped for right exactly all right so you're looking to do what we need to get out. My a real passion answering with animals on the I would love to get back to that on the far before I joined added a lot of volunteer fire for teen volunteer Ian T temp work my son really into emergency service says I'm CPR calls by it I'm CPR cropland pets. Yeah I'm. And scuba diver so and you don't get me outside is working with animals are helping people as a matter really love to be dealing. Can't judge reading up on you after your out of the Marines you're taking a month of family time to go back home but does nothing to decompress and months this is not a mafia go on vacation this is an important thing is what you're doing. Is Elena says he my family and very important that I get back then especially because my niece she is very sick. And she has my disease called a taxi at turn to next phase it's very rare. And it's actually taken away a lot of her ability to move on our on intends. Take away her ability to speak properly take the chance has the G tube pan but the biggest thing that she cannot stand is ash he can't walk and around anymore at all you hate her will to act you know. So what I'm trying to do is on track areas money to get her a upright. Will channel music electron mobility device I'll share OK and and that will give her a lot much more independents and all our in the frown on her arm. When you see raise money so you have a golf on the page or. Yes yes I I do have a go farming page on the describing the actual chair I am trying to get. Parent can come from that it would put that linked to these to your Lincoln on John Chambers implementing a plan to help. Not only here and you needed jobs I think you're missing out we're taking this time out to companies which is a really wonderful thing and it just shows where your heart is out. Which is a beautiful thing well that'd be nicer is it with while she's doing that. She knows that when she comes back here a month and he's got a job pregnant error count them. Let's say it happened and her name is Cassie Greeneville she is a marine about to get out got a big heart hard worker let's get her job KS ON dot com John Anthony's employment after deployment Cassie our best to your knees thinking so much and our best junior I'm sure is huge career with animals here in San Diego Bay year he's Democrat in me I can't see thinks things.