Employment After Deployment: Arce Enterprises is Looking to Hire!

Friday, June 2nd


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Selling John's quest to earn his a man card the great news is. If we have former military or military that's ready to transition out and you have mechanic experience there's a job here Freel but first kind of poke at John a little bit. So John here he got a mink are taken away grant when you guys can mean I had asked a bus if he kid. If we can bring you around a shot great and had to explain he did not know what main card woods. Not all I did not begin unless I've always and I'll receive toys had 10 yeah. I don't think any guys. Kind of invented the main card Teddy salad. You know he didn't know what it was easier that we're gonna be the bus didn't know what a man card line. Well public is an injury Amanda and hours that's that was his thought process to raise the. All right so earlier. Your oil stain is not the proper amount of course there with a ten W thirty at the five WS counts and older vehicle and you know. It's Mike Mike toner a well I think Mike because he was very patient movement and and in in them I know it weigh in any leaders respecting anybody else job this is a very important thing you know and yes I know them very very basics here but. Thanks Mike you're good man. All but if you're gonna have a job you have to be able to Z the tedious to have Tucson and I understand you have another job so Teddy has an idea for a well can we actually know about your employment at deployment and we would love to hire a veteran preferably. So anybody that's can full mechanic skills would. If they come and applied to us where are seizing engines and we would love to have them. Into have a bet here you wanna hire veterans and that's an awesome thing and we'll put this up from Clement after deployment that would be your eyes and stated publicly that has lost my gig already gave you deserve it to me that's great love that John had a job and I lost a job now you have the potential to get a job with employment after deployment.