Employment After Deployment: Apprenticeships Available

Tuesday, October 10th


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Are we got to. John Timmy employment after deployment opportunity for you. If you are looking to transition out of the military and get back into the civilian world as far as employment and we've got Dave bliss hi Dave. Good document Davis is calling us up with some really helpful advice and information for those who are looking into a transition other military and and together civilian world job what you got forested. Well in San Diego especially there's lack of trade schools out there. Live apprenticeship program that'll put you work and work forty hours a week or go to school couple nights a week in. Program is electrician apprenticeship through that IBEW and we were forty hardly can go to school connector recurred there in a half hours. Seven months out of the year after five years you take your state their case and that. It beat German journeyman Marvin. A little cheer out during a liar and been here making some pretty decent money and day. I know that they they favor of the veterans this especially once they acquired. Yeah absolutely a joking Nero does money man I heard like 45 bucks and call your. Also right now starting out the first your print you make in thirteen change. Rain which is great because not a lot of apprenticeships you don't get paid so. That this is fantastic year earning money you're going to school you get your degree you know this is there's a lot of I dare you familiar micro. To gun industry jobs he also as a foundation to and that's one of the things our country is severely lacking in trades and that's where we really need of people. Yeah NC he's started seventeenth and change an hour and then basically every six months that you progressed through the apprentice should be Gatorade and acutely about buck hit two dollars or restrict my. And then at the journeyman top out right now it 4325. By and that's your paycheck you know the contractor paid out 5758. Almost sixty bucks an hour epic goes to a retirement pension and go to your health insurance and insurance that those aren't all that sort of stuff. Great I have awesome if this is us on the it's interesting to you and you can find the application to apply it SD. ETT. Dot comments SD. ETT dot com leveling port on our web page as well guess who induct condit's face this isn't really helped pull vice hopefully a lot of vets get put to work. Doctor Cheryl. Helped out. I here's supplement radio but figured that let you good information currently no. And it is impeach you for that you're gonna help a lot of people October. From there had been.