Employment After Deployment: American General Construction Is Hiring!

Thursday, September 13th


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If you are a young man or woman looking to transition out of the military we've got a program for you call John and to Amy's employment. After deployment looking to get heroes hired. Supplies CU you'd like to come on the show and get a job with us we'd love to have beyond just email. John or Tammy KS ON dot com and we'll cue up and get the information you need sometimes we do this. We've got an employer calling us up looking to hire and that's what's happened this morning a model 37 K so the great thing to have a nice day today bit breezy look for upper seventies to upper eighties are right this is very cool Johnston is employment after -- in the hole we get people who own company's businesses say hey. We wanna start hiring veterans and one of them is a Johnny Johnny quite pro American general construction Johnny what are we talking about here now. So. I they. Contract and business where did this kind of talk circuit but I also has eight we target wal. While panel business that I am in need in personnel viable company. And the creation. The contract does what is American general direction. From the beginning novel based decision to give back to our veterans and higher our veterans. You're talking about John A team his employment after deployment where we help those court transitioning out of the military. I get work in the civilian world and Johnny you're here to say. Come work for meat. Yes pretty much he had been the nation for awhile now and I and we've always wanted to kind of you know get in touch with key with U2 and Tom really get that point where we can actually. Give back toward better than they look at it could come come work for us and then. Also we know we operate any and that friendship program for those veterans that are looking to get into the construction industry as well. Really see your answering them as well again today. Yes pretty much yeah that's it that's the whole idea that is you know they can either take the training and go elsewhere or they can take the training and work for us as well. Are we do commercial from W commercial construction. And we also do military work as well here in San Diego. So beautiful so you are American journal can spend it and also Alpine manufacturing cracked. Yes that's correct an end when you have the training available what does somebody comes to you with experience what specifically what jobs are you looking to sell. So we actually look into the film almost every position that from the administrative two the product management to carpentry to carpenters laborers. We're growing very very bass and now we're actually being asked to. Yet our contract light in Las Vegas because you know the work is so scared these days as skilled labor it is. It is all working right now so we needed trains and people who actually took built. The demand for the instructions well. We're gonna look we're look into all all position. Right now beautiful of course they are looking to hire you heroes if you're listening right now and you're like man I am so stressed because in a few months. My military career is gonna come to an end and I need to transition to a civilian world I got nothing I got a family who are all the pending ME that's enough to make a person. Not getting any sleep for many many nights in a row and and Johnny. Nice enough to call up let us know that American general construction is hiring help I'm manufacturing is hiring. And we really appreciate you for doing that man. I had no no problem that's. I believe we can do to give back. We're better that's exactly right in his wish more people felt the way you did that all right Johnny appreciate that very much again KS ON dot com John attendees employment after the plan we'll have all Johnny's hook up information or you. I'm not a a couple of Johnny. Whenever I could soften up how old are a or more importantly do you yourself a job and if you need information right now we haven't and he 332871037. With Genentech in the morning.