Employment After Deployment: Aaron Brooks is Hired!

Friday, September 15th


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So joining us right now all is airing in airing you're one of our employment after deployment candidates and you have some good news for us. I'm honored. And no so tell us about your job. What a good thing to Garrett at the opportunity and it was a great reminder that there are a lot of old green out. Posting jobs more are advertising your. In the I think that was probably afraid to ask people but I culture within work which. To see it and that I assumed that it had been told. I think he'd be yeah the up and comer and so what people go to this store apartment and so. It would cut and correctly that are in the super job. Wow. Yet sure how you look at what. And be able an expert here. And you're gonna get help. Patterns in the homes open but I'd I'd I'd never let beat you won't benefit because then the salt and chocolate. In a letter written substantial actually about it you know that a commonly used car the American dream. -- used to you don't PT gold department. That is fantastic so we have a veteran who is now gonna help veterans. I'd give up home that it's fantastic yeah. What shall be eager to do and well that was great in any advice you have for anyone else for employment after deployments. You don't think took me you know a lot of volunteering want you to that you're getting out. Led to people Millen that it will show on par or car it's early Staley. And thinks. At that volunteering was and interviewed different kinds of it when it started actually huge up. I was a dirty able ocean's ability aren't. That's fantastic what Aron we're super excited for you congratulations on your new work. And thank you for being apart of employment after deployment it it will do it that's a great.