The Drone and The Pad Squad at the Human Peace Sign

Wednesday, October 11th


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Are given the zionist are happening tomorrow valley view casino. Center parking lot formally sports arena our sports arena boulevard we need many many of you show up and help us out this has been won the big. I mean Trisha step we've been working on this nonstop since Monday what do you. Well yeah yeah as you might sound like got so many tech so many calls but I. I think everything is coming to police think Sarah loyal listeners who have called and said you know what I worked for professional drone. Companies at this is so great to watch in wages jump up and say I wanna be apart this. San Diego's number one for new country KS so what would John and Tim in the morning and ask for a drone photographer gets a drone photographer I'm confident we wanna think Chris morning Chris. Well we're thankful for you were thankful for your employees Stephen who heard the sky is talk about this idea on Monday and say hey I got I got the drone program that they are in Mississippi thank you for helping us out this. I know it's where there were happy and how well. You have the perfect business it's exactly what we needed you had everything that the old lawyers and what everybody wanted it. You know again we're we're so appreciative by the way of using yes I wanna be a part of this yes I can do this and yes let's make it fantastic. And I think that Chris what's been your company go out create it. Yeah we'll see what kind of things what have you done pictures or before we do drones. We've actually shot a lot of real is that kind of neat. Nathan and shout to drown. Public here in San Diego with the kind of beautiful stuff shouldn't wolf but Nokia. Are attacked or get involved with electric. Or the fact I think that while the candidate. A lot lifestyle out from Vietnam. Not to just quickly ask your age. At and okay now did you ever think that you're actually going to own a drone company they had way to make money this claim. I never ever thought that my wife become. Yeah I cut the ball well so how are. Yeah it is a while as a whole new business and and good for you. Yeah no I'm super happy country not he'd. Don't know. Chris my dear let's say right now so cal creative dot net I love that your nickname as we also. OK explain me. Explain a lot and literally. So awful lot of people call me a little. Allen makes sense as the boss do you prefer Chris Weaver for wiggles at the throw it all run. Away. You know Mara stay here and I hadn't come out and shoot and everybody wants us and again in the company. What are created film wiggles and you think. That I see you tomorrow pal think you can do in this are in order Itamar yet from drone to podsquad Elizabeth from San Diego Padres podsquad is joining us to only please. That you are coming out tomorrow morning as well. I look a lot and I. Bring it. Once or list again light yeah. This is awesome think you guys for agreeing to be a part of this group. I'd get it back. I get and I thought he got a lot yet. Oh thank you so much for that and think the entire studio Padres organization forest as a matter of fact you can thank them all invite tens of thousands your friends let's rock this time. Well it's. All right we'll see you tomorrow morning thank you so much and I can't wait to see who's special guest is going to be. Opel and feeling and I'm. Okay. The big giant head. Out. Huge. Analysts and I'll sincerely thank you the Padres. Right thank Pratt and. You're very welcome can't stress you enough. To you enough rather. We need many humans to fill this human peace silence made this magical path however I have faith anarchist when family members are right. All the details can be found at DK is suing an event invite on our kids on FaceBook page with John and Tammy in the morning.