Do You Still Tip Service People? Should They Be Getting Less Or More?

Thursday, June 21st


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We are discussing. Tipping and talking with their coworkers about it somewhere like no you must tip and others. Were saying but and the reason we said but is it. In the midwest. Beauty at less than minimum wage because you get tips. Rate cuts how to make of the ear tipped industry so you make up port that way in California. Everyone gets minimum wage. And argument was should I wait staff get paid more. Because they're getting tips when they have the same base is people who work in the kitchen as you know the Solutia for the line cook should they get more. That's what it's kind of personal for us because I'm not sure you remember we had a producer and imprison staff member her. She had a husband named Jeff Brad number him. He was shaft that's right there in the name and he was like basically telling us it was common that shafts soon ships. In San Diego make less money than wait staff do as analysts and nothing against weeds down I mean I was server for so many years before became a radio host but eating glass quality to be right but shouldn't chefs who are preparing the food that. People love their for their earning good booed and therefore tip the waitress or weaker the server should they be getting it if not more at least the same rank among the money. And that's that's what we're discussing America's somethings you just tip and some is just such a habit rate you put in your tip money but then placed the more I thought about it like. I don't know that that's right. And I don't want to disparage anyone who makes tips. But I understood it were I understood it better with chipping when someone didn't get a full minimum wage because they got tips. I don't know. Is that everybody who works in the service industry in California that's of that is that every right California the rule as a minimum wage interest payment of as we ever do that are at. Again clear this up 8332871037. Your thoughts on the should did. Service members beginning this should. Chefs be baking more than service people should. Service it will be making less because they get tipped Emma rice served. When I surged tables in Minnesota we really I don't know couple bucks three bucks an hour maybe and then everything else was tipped necessarily was awareness Christie's insidious server what's what's you got. I server and then pop Italian street my ball carrier and I think that there are certain in their debt. Especially at the Boeing deal worked for a fact that fire there certainly are but boy there's an entitlement factor bank. You're dining at our house didn't need history ill at that you're here at our own ball and don't ever let it. Good point in an am I understand that short. All right Jen is insanity Joseph as a chef and you clearly you've never worked a place where you've made more money bigger server. I ever eight or a written. I called the amount of money apart. And eat it now. We were told here when we moved here seven years ago that one of the best paying jobs in San Diego and hardest to get. Is part and. Money can make. It 100. Dollars and yet that day. I art. So why aren't just getting what they I think litigation idea. Yeah I need to know that I'll tell you. About that like corporate Al. I know. I look at what they. Are alert or working. A light or at forty call it. Please debate me. Like help. Out our. They. Re. Eight dollars an. Hour. And you're at eight L port and it. Lock him and get. The back. Yeah rains. It's frustrating spot for you to be and it'll rain and you know it. All all all it means. Or Utley hit. It pretty crap you know it well. Our firm producer husband Jeff Bratton went to culinary school two when he first got here there was ever a very high end restaurant here is goal was to get a job there great. He finally got off my job there and he found out what they what they offered him he's going to laughed and said no thank you. He couldn't believe it. Acting. I don't know Ellie. Ego brain and I just miles from a servers in my brain it interesting debates I just don't understand how a server can't. Understand why chefs have been more run me right I am and I am a former server done. The food sucks originals goal the restaurant has always serve yeah and the story but I would think at least the line Obama. Ludlow Biggio that's why open a picture of a.