Dierks Bentley Calls John and Tammy!

Tuesday, June 12th


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San Diego's number one for new country want a 37 KS ON Jun 10 in the morning and another gorgeous day today look for highs in the seventies and eighties. Dirks Bentley is our favorite people on the Dirks is a massive star and his record the mountain just came out. Featuring a number one song woman amen. How San Diego. But it misses you Dirks a. I was just there. Below that weekend. My daughters now we're just talking about you because it's that time of year again where we can get a parking space at the beach but all your neighbors from Arizona sure can't. Tony's done of them actually much sidewalks there for a hat which is the Serbs Serbs nor in Arizona couldn't defend. Yeah I would go to Dallas is that over. More they weakening and out. Just can't get enough San Diego. Well what did you do words you know what did you eat the. Okay now low the shores of the nova. Horrendous. Just murders close which is very disappointing dominant on the strip but the cheese shop is still open which will mark their spots from the went up in the town that rose on the beach to observe them stand up tower boarding this. They can in this project gray mornings I just. I had a bit right at the Turks when your Cilic cruise around walk in the village a law that. People let it be. Yeah not there they met a bit getting my California generals everybody's a star in the flight and so like. I think everyone's. No he got I mean there was no work it out on the other hand go and all of their did others without looking around for like any of that there is they're happy either very present them and the in the sunshine and so he had this piece you walk around and insist that this I love it it's. He told great. Ranked one more quick personal question 'cause I got to know what's your favorite sheets. My favorite chain early idea that she shot I. It's that's. That closely the famous tropical cheese shop there's exemptions would have to ask what can you count. But first cheaters go I'm team lately is alerts you by acutely line around the table. Derek used to be and she's kind of sewer if you will but because of a Jordan knocks an MBE discarded Kraft singles knows what he's saying. That's and let live off what it's like and I shoot up piece of food lying around and about it weighs in McEntee is my favorite she's. Not all hail our. There. Yes Dirk had a big Friday as the mountain finally came out featuring the number one smash woman amen I've been on record Dirks on the air saying. What did you do. To get yourself in trouble to have to come up with what amen to I guess the current updates. Are. Only about upper lip trouble you're kind of a genius Thoreau once you get in trouble you go all really hang up for once second honey and you hit play and the three and a half then I say Americans we love. I wish it were that way at all that work that way you know Bob I've via these. He's certainly bring home hundred love songs ever admit I don't like the wrote this for huge like. I have brown was girl goes on has blue yeah. I know on the track. Guys are late bloomer quicktime at least acoustic but a lot of realize like just how many electric light phase and he's like pull me into the pool meet Peru and and I would not be you know happy man I was about hurt. Dirks Bentley is our guest Dirks is coming back in town where he loves. His home away from now on October 12 so we got a wild yet. Meanwhile jerks I'm reading about your just your itinerary right now I'm exhausted just reading about what you got going on your off you're off to New York pretty soon you got this new record you're doing shows how forty in this is this is actually I really wanna know this how do you stay. Healthy how do you not get sick all the flying you do title of one airplane I'm sick for three days and yeah. The kids kids are the greatest black coach of all time a date for cutie is either you get my overlap or use it stronger because of them and like they've made me a better person and you know. I'm he's getting very little sleep now. And I bet they strengthen your immune system 'cause they always come home with a longer facing the always given they have almost always stick it between them a book and the fans via I'm pretty covered on yeah a bully. Your recovery and we can't afford to seeing you on October 12. QA to see again jerks. Let you guys in you know that too mature people my whole clan at the moment favorite cities and acknowledges the dog October 12 the appreciated. Up again and you mean the world you like to Dirk take your best your feeling about it. We've got it and thank you love that dude the mountain Dirks is new record.