Did Your Parents Trash Your Favorite Stuffed Animal or Blanket?

Tuesday, March 13th


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What stay away from Charlie comes from tell Barbara and Charlie do you have a memory had a child public stuffed animal that you just completely cherished they can still remember that the committee's health does that do you know I have good the roots. And they would news I was seven dearly have but Bob you heard it yet but I had him at Disneyland one time and effort got on there at all. Today they were the worst day ever and somehow didn't someone would go into the river they found it and I got it three weeks later and blue and return live action. They didn't have my side then you still have look I don't have this audit them and then what did Alex pinellas from Port Angeles just. Pelicans that and stuff generally had a kid that he didn't have a wonderful memories they'll only be easily and Al bulls coincidentally I had a head deep threat to get his name is somber and and unfortunately. You kind of neglected address of a second drug pardons and do you look at went down and ultimately delivered directly to argue wanted some birdies and after the second when you got tired of shoppers and you've never seen shoppers since. Basically it was a so the huge adjustment for me but I am still there and get over a little bit. Yeah thankfully I had a blank out like a lion found that Pete I know. And Matt parent but I got too old but they decide to cut them up. Oh no oil on our panel what do you warning about you look blanket. But to cut it up well it's like when you Qaeda and rookies are the kids up it's not interesting. You my youngest one of the youngest sisters she had a blanket that she drug everywhere to an every day she felt on the stairs because of blanket every day. You are just. A bit of movement as she can cry anymore this is like an analytical with yeah how long did take you to get over your Blakey getting cut out. Well it was meant that and Ellen that coming up LaMont and replacing it. I heard a lot. Do you still have one out yet what my daughter but it may technically her. Uniquely would you borrow its way with a little soft edges Dioner. Of course I. Thanks Gary. They actually got old stuffed animal or play it and still to this day have or just remember great memory. Yeah I think you know. I hadn't been the insurance get it right out gently on our tell me how well we are air. Chat and don't worry air 40. In the Arab country. Oh no money lost her clock. I. Day and then you don't know wholly baseless so beautiful. Your next week. Oscar flaw and singing the words we be nervous yet we act I did you meet. Couldn't move at all while you Robert. I have a great story about buying a down moment fifty. Glad mr. Lee the ticket eaten dinner the I would adopt the art wrap up. She raped me so when we were at the court you have been here about a papers you know cubic don't tort. The court everybody up another deadly pick like you know they're harder they're not their fault they're carpet welcome at the picture. For a Ruegamer. My whole life look at via battle. Broke your heart in every part that that can't Arctic and everywhere we want our road trip you'll quickly want to go you know I would even in it at an adult. Even when I look like it when I turn 1819 are still able tonight on apartment back a bit bigger can't let me. I'm not partly helped I think like about our that you don't know that but not in the one day outlook back to their on the that they anywhere else are part like. They are in the particular go blow. That group in him and you know what for now considered there W aren't comfortable way because people who all are aware.