Did Your Mom Let You See Titanic as a Kid?

Monday, December 4th


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I'm going to play a little bit a Celine Dion to get us into this next topic area I thread eight I don't know and it. Don't know maybe it's just the way with us everybody. I know whistling thing. Titanic was back Borges week. And all my friends were reliving our memories of going to the movie theater and watching it my best friend thought seven times in the theaters twenty years ago ranks. What sort of Peters gets it it was on television last night. I'll tell I was commercials and he was commercials also was like eight hours long so I well I am a funny Titanic story campaign. My mum is one of the strictest my mom yeah she was very true yes growing up. Not to panic PG thirteen I was fourteen years old at the time so she dirty heard about some of the island scenes in the movie a love scene though loves the only and like Steffi no you're not going to this but it's all my friends are going especially my best friend going seven times. It's thirty it's seven times and said yes all right Steffi I'll have to go Wiki then I don't know I. Your mom go if you don't hold your hand the whole time did you cover your eyes during the sexy part and should I not but I did feel uncomfortable as I here we go here it is the mound it's our pick up and and and green and just got sick kids we are talking about this and her mom was the exact opposite what we call my mom no morals mom I'll always. Been my principal caller no morals on home a Paris. FR. And write it all about it via when. She even care about Titanic that's not even if being the naked and I was a year younger than you think and by the way this wasn't even if they need hinting at fourteen years Oakmont. It's it's just up. Hi I'm. Not suited. And then knowing system. Yeah boob yet about it after it's OK and up up up up pop up uptick here those bonds it's kind of in between I know that your kids are becoming adults and you've played card against humanity. Yeah yeah I have wondered that. Game manhunt they're grown as well now I if my mother were still alive I wouldn't play with her but might bad too couple my kids I would because honor. But if you love your humor you guys yeah right sent to human right and you're okay absolutely I wouldn't play with my mother no I mean I Kathy. Why can't he might be okay to do it she'd she would have fun with it but certainly not my mom. My mom would love it she would think it is a riot via I should see American pie with me she was so excited about movie and I'm mom told me she's like you better test out the machine before you ride. Like she and mom. When your team and for money that person. All my guys oh my gosh 6195701973. What did you have the strict mom more that. Oral much yeah. And what I'm British you go see your what could you move you know is purport pretty special I know now. Yeah and don't know why her. 619570. Winded 973. Would love to hear why your mom was this. You're okay. How are you sure I have to get my mom on the phone now to talk about golfers here for sure. Talking a little bit earlier with producers staff and associate producer Jessica. About the differences in their moms staff and the strict mom Jessica's mom was no morals mom. Yeah it got brought up after sharing some memories of going to Titanic which was three released over this past weekend celebrating its twentieth anniversary I was not to go see Titanic. Because of some of the love scene right because song with droplets coming up and then like you said well what everybody died that's OK that's that they're actually. Ever for Regis see a movie hit. So we wanted to know what was your mom like 6195701973. All right Lindsay what kind of mother did you have. No tomorrow not much better and play my category. Your ball. Yeah. Yeah I don't think document is leading and that. OK okay. I'm sorry I should laugh at it it was really the sex thing that was the issue is the violence right. Yeah yeah AA odds and make your money all right let's go to Becky late silent kind of mom did you have. Mara I'm happy that the share okay well well and I. My older sister she was like a year and half older than me she hasn't her senior year. Actually end up getting pregnant with fellow. I was not allowed to date anybody and now I was like seventeen years old. And then four yeah I can see dad went. Oh my gosh in the door all the more that you like the street to get staff how many piercings did you get when she got out of the house RE ES I did get addicted to piercing. But I want it to also show that good girls can have piercings and you shouldn't judge a book by its cover all that's totally true you shouldn't. You can't buy that by mistake I had this week and I met David. And had to sneak in and I tell my with Obama is older than I guess I can tell a parent dating him be that you know I'm an eleventh C. Do you guys look how long you been married and no right yes and now I'm like god than any big cheers theme. I'm saying let's go to Nikki LeMay is out Niki a kind of mom did you have. Obama OK let me insure that our part. And thirteen or. Our expert at midnight probably not realizing exactly what it was about us how he got out of me she thought it was a steering. We all my guys out there. Well now. What are your rig. I bet all my goodness oh my goodness I don't look at your mom looks what did I just do that's cute may be out my mom was kinda like that my mama's gotta like that that's awesome bake you don't. Usually right tibia this year example like your mom like that because ever since I can remember whenever there was a horror movie on a scary movie V apparently. It's even when I was like for her my mom had us watch it with her tissue was hurt. I'm you know you blink your dad for all your fear idea if your idea and it well maybe she was some of it out all of I don't know. I saw what was the name of that movie dang it I can't remember. But that things geared before Albert Barbara Bush used to let me sleep with my light on if I was. It. Annie quirky yet she in a sudden it was because. She was she was really quite innocent and a lot of things and she didn't realize is. That you be like OK this might scenario you know just like he's not yet exactly anyway and yeah.