Did You See This Ad on Father's Day?

Tuesday, June 19th


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If you look up to this guy and he beautiful. Father's Day Sunday perhaps you saw one when I saw what many fathers saw and OK happy Father's Day guys. He does banner being pulled behind an airplane. Let's see why are they ever have kids can read it. But every point and let's be honest no kid notice it they just saw a plane pulling an ad is that parents who were uncomfortable welcome the giants at midmorning model 37 KSO and it certainly wasn't the first time I saw it she is being advertised behind an airplane just like Ike though. Or cores lie aids or whoever else pays for an advertisement behind an airplane it just didn't seem well. It just seemed kind of weird it was god on Father's Day and it wasn't just us who felt that way one of our coworkers did too so I don't know if you saw what many city in the song on father's father we all mine tossing the ball around. Creating that would derby car. All of a sudden your career. The role of an engine you look up and visit is an F fifteen is the world's only super cool navy helicopter of them. Moore is an airplane and dragging an advertisement for a strip joint. Now here's a thing usually we're used to seeing this is almost always Geico or somebody like that are Geico de Dwight yacht race. But ya I actually did a double take on I couldn't I'm like wait that's cheetah is the it felt like I've got to. Tiger before it does seem really weird to. Laying around my daughter on Father's Day to look up and see that with my daughter's dad I put a video on official page in an hour coworker Josh commented on it a you can take one even further you with your daughters at the singer's kids. And yet we're Ireland and the kids zone at the San Diego County fairs against her Father's Day and at some point the parents on just. And then kind of let down in the dad figures to see that on there. Moms did not have a good face on at that point then it became quite the topic of discussion I mean it can its advertising is advertising is advertising Elise. It's not the first in my Suu Kyi is banner right but shouldn't it feel like I don't know what an unwritten rule on Father's Day you don't running around it would dads with what's your daughter's. Have a very important rule I shouldn't yeah. About raising that daughter in there's nothing obnoxious about dud the banner at all know it and most kids and like they won't even notice that they zealots pulling an ad. Put him maybe adults really young comfortable rule really uncomfortable there are some spirited discussion happening in your bill amongst apparently did while awaiting. Whatever it might prevail. I expect us. Our thought Webber is 8332871037. I think whatever that when I ask is is shouldn't it be illegal for men to be made to feel uncomfortable on Father's Day why I'm. I don't care about advertising and chaos is a I love my daughters some of what's that a bullet. Hole. I think it's even harder for me because my daughters are. Nineteen and seventeen I don't know I don't know who knows I don't know bottom uncontrolled I would I. I was uncomfortable with the viewer did your husband he felt comfortable I laughed and then I kind of enjoyed watching them Indian comes right back that was interesting I wonder why we're so on I wonder why.