Did Tammy Pay Up On Her Bet?

Tuesday, December 5th


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Listen I must go ahead and say I'm really start to do this to you. But this happened on Friday I hope. Obviously there is can you please explain this clearing can't pick your voice is so I don't know that I'd sound like Kazuo in the beginning I can't figure that was totally union beginning so the original song was record fifties in it was a little girl and she her voice was really odd it was it was very weird. So I was trying to imitate. What happened in lost use our Christmas Carol addition of shower idea irons into the said that since you're the loser I get to dole out the punishment I want to show our idol and ice. I ordered you to get out in public this week and a lot of people around us and sing Christmas carols which I did I was out the at on the pier at Huntington Beach. I was with the whole group of people we were there for the weekend. I was walking appeared I sing that song then I what was it wanted to old Rudolph the red nosed racer. And unfortunately he when I was cleaning out my phone would do with a picture of I accidentally deleted we all know it's. Because I have people back we all like Giroux. Because I didn't lie each time in my friends didn't lie there but I don't have the video so I had to go back out into it again heard from one friend Anna Austin of a document homered never had or ever before bar's gonna work for you now doesn't matter because you now or urge you to go to do it again that's not acceptable and Tammy has done it this is that this is a world premiere of anti. Our idol payback yet you can see it on Janet Jimmy's FaceBook page I posted the video and long right here we go up and AM. I'm an Albertson's going to do my grocery shopping for dinner tonight and delegates. My bet paid for singing in public since I accidentally erase the other two videos. But it's. It's nice and Cairo around it was again. Your fingers over the lands off the red nosed reindeer and yeah I can you sign you know us. And there you have racing our prayers over the lands unity saying right. Follow. They're bringing. They call him. Paul Rudolph. I could tell it any reindeer games. Then went up. No nasty and I don't think you know it's a record as you get much sleep tonight. Absolutely an epic fail. And I don't know how this pays the bad back. First I'm all in public you can find poetry is hot and this you can see in the beginning it starts you can see were I'm what's the official public producers don't need to see pop up people at any of this system. Person would be nice IC a thumbprint OK in your camera lens telling your personal music hi hi back tee because they didn't they were steering ME weirdly it's furthermore. I. I don't know what. I think we have to give Ali everything I guess was mean. There's no way you let this line now listen how many times we hear from you I don't know it to record I don't know identities and no I don't courted. All I think I know pretending you can be sure you don't. It was I do that I don't like god this is twice now I this is so yeah. Please please understand I'm not a liar in in I really was sort bombed about those videos because it was so cute. And they appear there was all the decorations and all these people I don't know looking at me I love and blessings will never be able to see and so grade. And. I'm more data on your phone to see what that I keeping everything I have an obsession with. I'm notification that obsession with things I don't need on my phone I want you the best Christmas present this year is to make you cry. It's gonna make you feel poignant and remember remind you just learn religion is based on you know I lost it whenever I see it. I'm sorry but try not what it was rare with the trust me I can have one friend Colin tell you about it. Would that make it better and Philip but I have my moment my thumb over the virus outside. Unreal.