Did Listeners Know Before John and Tammy?

Thursday, February 22nd


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That so far rule on the because we've been debating that at the house like can't we celebrate mother's and Father's Day now all. Ever having it can't argue we wait until you win you're about to put a BB out Lou I'll your body into every wanna do put a baby that sounds so magical. I. Yeah. As they use so much gays being. Can't there yeah I hear the other night. I know actually OK so here's another thing that I have to tell John and Tammy. Yeah definitely ever got there it Casey at up to Jessica. There are some other listeners that just admitted something to me about how I I have told a couple listeners as pregnant at the Miranda Lambert concert before telling you listeners before you told us no offense their kids and family. Do you work with you answered every game. And really cute. Maternity top. And I love assets can talk about it stitches pregnant there is that he wasn't. How long did you know. That she was pregnant. Ex a couple of weeks. I. I don't think I see this. Any more money this do you want the lip of the people in the office that knew before he. I don't think I do I don't think he did it look I don't think it'd be used it pretty dog. Pretty long I'm sorry I Casey. Really interesting information pretty safe seat thank you go. Congratulate him at your own. Thank you Casey we appreciate it. I ban south you know. My producers just babies and rises birth date that your whole look of the kids that were there and I think only as you do. Hey I'm sorry I don't. Think that it. Yeah I do apologize. For being so presumptuous to think that you guys it was one of the B not knowing that you. Yeah. Yeah. In when she was to heard shepherd down. At oaks club with my birthday and I was doing chats it wasn't paying attention that she wasn't drinking and I was watching her with the kids and I actually leaned over them and I said. You've said makes you an enemy great parents and big total free basing everything given away on their praise. Trust. Just shaking over there aren't many apps now I think it's amazing that you could hold a secret like that by the way I'm impressed I'm impressed. It was very hard to not tell you guys as very excited to tell you does that make it any better. You. Beat 42. Yeah. O'Bannon went yeah right it is he does Mickey after what he's given. Just aren't they talk yeah after all I caught up.