Dealing With Trauma After the Las Vegas Massacre

Thursday, October 5th


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We are joined by Rachel Rachel works with the therapeutic center for anxiety and trauma and old do we need that this week. Rachel good morning thank you for joining us. Mark no problem at all so we thought. I. Clearly unable to do that right now we felt helpless we've cried with them and we realize that we need to do more to help. What do you recommend people who are. Working with people who were around 91 due to help them get through rule what they're trying to get through right now. Well I would say the most important thing to realize right now but they're outing and normal response to abnormal about it. You know this that this is not at all or it's not okay and it's. Normal to respond with would greatly cheers and here are anchored. That things are you know normal response am. You know it's so I think for you to help your colleague that you would be great to listen. Not try to push them you know get get her cute. And since Erica I'm really not the best thing and we can talk a little bit more about you know I hope they enjoy it if things get worse. I don't but right now. And the other. Or am I have read too that's calm people and in the state of California. Bomb all so. Can qualify a what was he what was it called if her victim assistance. Yes. It can be from the current I think in California got the name like the two victims compensation boards of my and yet look at that you know go go that even just Californian victims of current. And you'll get help with my health and a lot of other types of things you know. Yeah I was reading about that because maybe someone doesn't have insurance other like I can't quite a therapist or have any money eerie can't see somebody. On the so yeah that's that's a great way for events ago. And I would say probably in it and the worst thing to do is is just pretend it didn't happen an end to push it to the back your brain rain. Yet or debris on it he'll want the process you're the things that they don't you know but I at this time don't make any sense in your brain wants the mile post led. It's good to talk about it but short supported and it did not pushing you to to be different where are now you know top. And the ball into the candidates and national helped him break. Joe's with us she's works with a therapeutic center for anxiety and trauma. And I'm glad you brought up don't push them too hard to come back too quickly because I thought. That it would be healthy for amber to come back to work yesterday and in and employees of music and talk about Clinton and the poor girl couldn't even get a word out and I just I I just I saw the agony that she was in and I could develop more. All the elegant work on it okay you know this particular what is that people agreeing to. Yeah we and apparently the people expressed child let them like they need to be internal and gatekeeper for amber and maybe amber needs to stay home if you didn't really catered you know. Back in good places sometimes people do need to work and somewhat helpful thing. So it really that there are. Okay yeah that's how my father was when we lost our nominee he had to worker was worse for him to it to and to not do something. So everybody heals differently in the most important thing is that we have to help them heal and given the information so they can do that. And I'm yet reminds you know another good outplayed ticket information is true blood watch you can either outnumbered 21 wonders goes into it thanks. At that they're giving better bang dying on the or offering the categories are people who might wanna come yes I'm gonna credit crack at setting the big stage I. Think that can help. Rachel thank you so much I know you're very busy I wish you were so busy but I think you for taking the time I talked it was a helpless threw us this morning. YouTube thank you so much and again I'd talk to people I mean it's really all you can really do as a Sharon listen you know. And help them whatever they decide to do and again it's the California victim compensation port. There's an application you can fill out if you don't have health insurance this is the perfect opportunity for easily utilized.