Dead or Alive - January 18th, 2017

Wednesday, January 17th


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Over the weekend my daughters and I were watching. CNN they did they put like all these. Documentaries out above decades the seventies the eighties or nineties super interest in her on Netflix right now so we're watching the seventies. But there are both big time in the seventies music we're watching the super interesting. Segment on the television shows in the seventy okay him that the the decade of the seventies as far as innovative television was. Yeah president of the app poll where are worried just him so many culturally important. Ground breaking shows like all the family. You know what I just found not a little trivia fact I just found out happy days was a spin off did the night. Oh it was just happy he's is spoon them. Of its. Something that happened during one episode of love American style. Shot. I'm back here is. There's definitely time. He's brought that up is because they show the Mary Tyler Moore Show another huge robbery show. And of course it's costar and Betty White and I don't like how do you like that so young and beautiful. She's alive but actually it was still has a lot of rain 96 years old today we thought we would play. Another round of dead or alive. Actors entertainers that you kind of I'm wondering. And Jamie really skilled on the league regular stump used to well except for when I told applause. I can't of Korea actually died that yes ears nose that was a lot of years the only it's anyone's mentioned Walter Cronkite on our show. You as well sure he's dead and generally unknown at. Since. Let's see how well I do an advantage or steps in there well portion of course you'd have to. In honor of ms. Betty White talk dead or alive actress singer Doris day's Doris Day. Dead or alive Doris Day burst onto the scene there and weighed that with one of these songs. Is this thing. We're now. Okay. Good luck. Came out of the song only machine with no doors stayed dead or alive I'm going to say she is dead is he dead or alive Tammy. I think she's like Doris Day you'll live. Or you get. I thought I am. Okay. I am okay. Young and Doris Day is 95. Years old and still very active and Clinton she's a she's a so that golfer too is he's activist in the new releases an activist though the for her. Oh she's a golfer imagined and in 95 prisoners who wants to all right whatever I feel like actress singer Tony award winner comedian. Carol Channing Tammy. Hero she. Carol chance you have night I don't know that is that one woman that one thing and. I'm gonna say she's dead is Carol Channing dead or alive producers that he got a 52 digits okay we Cheney said she's dead are right then I'll say she is Carol Channing alive. Or is killed standing passed on them. I really not a high. Okay. And 96 years well OK Ellie what would I know from you would yep now huh huh. I think what I would know her from I think. I Reno or because our appearance and Paula actor Brad Renfro was so great in the movie. Alliance add. I know that answer because he was one of my first crushes I had his picture on my wall and when he asked a way to beyond I was still upset in them well now you know like Mosul when their. I know her like this yeah. Think and just remembering all the movies that he did though in his short life it's only got spread well. Actor Donald Sutherland is he dead or alive. And I love Kiefer Sutherland jacked by our and that's his father exactly right producers Donald Sutherland I'll say he's alive is annals of live his life not only is he alive but he is the voice of the orgies commercial. Hot air and I don't care. Okay. Have a role in the Hunger Games movie still yeah I he was he was he was now hell yeah it was the big as the evil do them right this is on her. I. I. Really isn't a morbid this again. And did you get to play the sound effect that we would abuse of somebody. Was no longer. Half of the clintons gave me. I. Like yeah. AA.