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Monday, November 13th


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Does that. Perry can he. 12. Tick tick. 12 and then there's a three and. A payroll and I mean about. Writes. You're ready. If I'm ready. Cindy does number one for you country pay as so when it is hammer broadcasting live from the happiness place on earth did you landed right now I have David Miller underwriter of entertainment is I am me Heidi well. Oh great Larry Obama I'm happy yeah I'm happy happy happy how could you not being. So holiday season is upon us it sure is and how much holiday entertainment qualities begin here. And that's when we sent right back on abstract holidays begin to hear right. Good. I'll my gosh there is so many so much great stuff that we have going on here and it's in both Disneyland and Disney California venture even the hotels are getting into with gingerbread houses and amazing stuff. Can tell you my every eye on the amazing the view from my balcony stunning where things where he's staying with the grant at the Al yeah I it it and that's that's a perfect example of. Now holiday so we have little elves working overnight and it magically transforms into. What you're seeing today and in you can hear from the music when you lock in infield energy can feel it it is an and I thought oh my gosh is it too early in the night watch and no but so it's okay you and I. Haley as I look at the Pentagon. But it's the gingerbread smells when you're writing on a mansion holiday it's the Vanilla when you're walking down main street he stopped government we're going to small world holiday it's. It's all of these is the smells it's the music it's what you're seeing when you walk and it's just so. It is just so heartwarming now too cheesy you know it's fun idea really it really is those thing and this is where. We're excited to share that it really is about traditions I mean this is. People say on they just want to come to examine the it no I'm coming to Disneyland if you want to but this is a totally different X our tradition and it really is that I have an eight year old and she she loves this stuff. I'm and it's different for her during this time than it was for Halloween than it was for any other time of the year. It just there's something special about the holidays it's magical yeah that's added I think it's really definitely feel it here are you ready for idle time. Littleton this is my tip nobody else has done it somebody else may get as does my tenth dispute between you just between you and I nobody else is not right. It is that the best time for the holiday experience without without fewer friends are putting quotes in great. Is that Monday after Thanksgiving for about two weeks. Got yes that's a little bit mellow I heard it or adopt that. The schools let out just after Thanksgiving night cents. Rice and this isn't I recommend those two weeks you get the holidays is it going to be busy is the holidays at Disneyland it'll be a little bit busy but it won't be as busy as saying around Christmas but it will be magical but it will be great I mean it really isn't you don't have to write things to really get that sense of it. To share that experience the food I mean festival holidays is right down the street here you get all kinds of holiday food from around the world it tastes amazing I mean it's just it's. Don't tell you -- our promotion is sky and a camera right now he had cookies at Christmas cookie you know easy he's like tried as he goes to cities like Christmas in your mouth. While we have a Chocolat you'll allow. So many great different. Unique experiences that why I mean just come down and trying. Absolutely look thank you so much for having on how our so excited I think David thank you so much it hasn't happened Disneyland. I'm very my goodness I don't you know.