Cousin Bob the Game Show King

Wednesday, October 18th


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This is cool check this out there's a bookmark has national. You have to decide if you wanna keep the cash on the bookmark particular number two could be a lot could be a little could be great could be resolved. Are you go behind curtain number June. So how much cash to grow just passed around two dollars and 27 dollars and 270 dollars. That's it. Number two. Playing Clinton when he Israel. Let's make a deal is because that Robert Spencer is one that hot tub is none other than producer's desk doesn't ball. Well good morning. Thank god is great to talk to you again. Vote and when we say hello again what cousin Bob means we spoke to Bob. Who Bruce's Jeff's cousin when he finished I believe third on the great food truck race. That game show that was on food or Corretja. Correct. And that's just one of your many stops something. That game shows I I am looking at your game show resonate and that is exactly what it is. Let's just go back in time cousin Bob has appeared on the game show greed. When they re bloated card sharks in 2002 of them there's cousin but yeah. I did okay. When the singing bee was on in 2007. The. You're a contestant on that game show then I survived a Japanese game show which obviously dead where you came in ninth place the aforementioned. And the great food truck race in 2012. But he hadn't won anything big as far as the grand prize until now. Yeah I had to win and you did just on the let's make it. Radar. Shell out one day I made a costume. Concede they informed he casting process that they low only costumes and great creativity so. I put my creativity here. And you'd Biden can you must action at a profit and became a strong man. Or maybe the minute I walk in India Cheryl. For the before the actual taping either at least three people within the first hybrid go oh my god love that cost. And the chaos and gotcha nice prize indeed a hot tub yet and it is. A certain point one for our troops and usually okay nice it's nice hot for three. Yeah and a personal hot tub spa and OK my crew from Medford QB you can fit three appear. Got here who have your greens being kind of a nobody you're so sweet when you won your lights. Excited but the back your brain real like what the heck am I gonna do the top job. Now. Here's an excerpt of a deal planner regularly and it's it's a car or vehicle. Keep it right attitude something that was completely away. There's no I'm getting here are the and that happened to you can't shoot out all the crimes after the shell and you know to get it. Yeah. Cool and then Southern California in a different look out how to lose. Someone go along on Bahrain so you statement that right so easy pass on the prize is that mean they are few like. Here's a less cash amount. Know that you you can just do not take and you don't want to put it once was I don't want taxes right CP like I'm never gonna use it. I mean I live in a one bedroom apartment I'd Tucker three person about it account which. One more thing before we go Bobby give any advice for people who you are obviously really adept at getting on game shows. What is your secret because you've been on six of them now. On the secret is you just happy huge personality. And BS have used our will be there. All right I'm pretty easy to me prison just cousin Bob the lawn is three person hot tub richer and some nice cheese loans because. One bedroom apartment that didn't use any of its did you want to wait and it was a hot tub and doesn't look good because about the number and thank.