Couple Reunited With the People That Saved Their Lives in Las Vegas

Wednesday, October 4th


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Yesterday we are joined by Laura who told us that she was running frantically through the hallways and her husband Kyle of the Tropicana always thought they were well as gunfire was raining down. They had no idea what was going on the one of the locked door nobody let them in until. Two strangers and coming here use our room invited the other a couple of join them as well they had no idea who they were that helped them Laura believes. That her life was saved by this mystery couple and we are about to reunite them right now hi Laura. Morning how are you doing today I'd better I'm back at work morning you know let's get a bit more back to normal yet. What do you do for a living. I'm in Canada and he kept ponder fool you for that boy must agree to end all as kids all energy around after what you and I'm excited and we also have your boyfriend Kyle with this morning Kyle. Good morning and Kyle would you do honey I am being picture framer. How nice so our work cut a few guys have a story it's they don't fortunate it's a horrible story but also a very uplifting story at the same time something here to share for the rest your life but again you had no idea who these people worry that were kind and gracious and running up to open the door. For you in this terrible time. Until we took it to social media yesterday Laura and Kyle may we introduce you to Crist ducked and air act the couple that opened the door for you. Morning. Morning good morning again as. Laura why don't you go ahead as you wanted to sinker again in person once you go ahead and take the reins and do that for not only UN Kyle. But the other two men her with you another Kyle and Stephen. Hadn't wanted to say thank you so much consent how many people turned away the other night and no one really knew exactly what was happening there how much. Danger of around the corner and you know whether people published go away and other its effect on round. And luckily got in her life and never opened dormant like. Thank you so much an open your door letting us. Late on your floor. In the dark with the out under now still welcome addition. Of course the court isn't a word to describe how I think we are fortunate. You can just so we'll come. Now Christa and Eric that's a good point that Lauren and Kyle just brought up what. Made you say when you guys could have been who knows at this point ever met or is it happening. To say yes come in. Well honestly I am when the lakers started knocking I had just gotten back that we might opt for me. From all the enough. I was a little bit in acting and panic stricken and I think we didn't want to open the door hit it with my husband had that was like comedic kids need to let and then the kind that's really how it happened. I was still in not in a little weird my husband was the one that's had a that we expect it. And he was actually ready and I agree to tax. I personally. Would still reeling from what had happened myself. Sure scared absolutely we're we're so sorry you guys had to go through this is is this the worst thing but. As we've been experiencing. Always wonderful good samaritan act from strangers just helping other people. It's it's so uplifting hope you realize how important it is in the healing process what you all did it. Who think you. You know we don't feel like we do anything much oligarchs and percent merit but we're you know we've been there with three other couples should say all fifteen people as well. Go ahead and issue give the shots of their names to. What Tim and Greg class than when Ian Tom Smith. And warm air and Jack Ryan and other. Everybody's. The people in an error and actually was shot in the head trying to help people only to appeal only guy and she'll be okay and oh yeah. He's okay and he's going to be fine. But yeah he. It yet I feel like he took the work that they you know while everybody does but they Canada moments and that's what we could do we were so happy to complement. Once they got into the ground we can see how and where we knew we did the right they perhaps. Completely re happy now. Aren't cute idea assume that this might be a French of those the last now. Time now you guys. Absolutely and now back at it. Well I think that now yeah absolutely and think you offer sharing this and I'm so glad that we were able to connect you guys hangs. Thanks for sharing that story in in in new in reliving it with us around but it's such a wonderful one to share. And Serena not to you guys really appreciate. Eric ways to take that that Hellman and do the right thing that was so a lot of guts and that a lot of compassion and and oh again you guys were so sorry that this had to happen it's a nightmare but what a wonderful silver lining to that nightmare. I believe you have I think a lot of people. That we're in that crowd. Well restrained her so strangers about. What we all need to do more of you know I mean like yours so we're Carter's children to fire burns is not a obviously about the open doors people got. You know you got sometimes I don't I don't. Yeah all of that philosophy thank you guys must look to all of you think you'd reach out.