CountryFest-Oke: Luke Bryan Edition

Tuesday, July 11th


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All right country fast O'Keefe a former country's best artists being featured this morning is Luke Bryan you be singing your Beirut Brian's song. If it's matching the one that Tammy has a sealed envelope. You'll be going to country first and possibly singing with Jered Neiman in his Subaru let's ride. Hey it's all right country faster Oki C Indian Alka home go I had it. I'm eager shake it up and got shake it off me bear. Shake yeah well maybe you won't. Worst day in and where's (%expletive) that's not the rights on all right let's go to as me in San Marcos. Go ahead and start singing your Luke Bryan song. For country fest Oki. I'm burn this. And yeah. Arnie and doesn't. I hate. All. Acted the hole. Did the. Sitting right and you really you all day but that is not the writes on please keep singing right I've had a tie on today. Couldn't figure out ticket for me. I tell you yeah it wouldn't let me do us out of their. Let me get all right that's not the writes on hi John and Jimmy go ahead and sing your way to country fast goal Alex senior Luke Bryan song. I'm heartened that they then I love an every day. Ran at a comfortable I pray that you really need me Amy. Alex song it in his Q it is good but that's not the right one hour. Are gonna go to Mike you know be Mike senior away Dickey is so and this country faster with. Aren't Cole hundreds more risque where do you make my baby. Get a little frisky and. Not my job open on the low estimate the and what does it say it's as a rain is a good thing for Mike is my torn country fast now nice job. 08. An hour I'll also qualified to sit as Subaru and sing wood Jaret and even might well done well. You are so welcome my friend is part of the PS when summer 101000 tickets I'm not sure you've heard that country's best five days away. We doing it again tomorrow singing your way to country faster potentially sitting in that Subaru and singing with the jury Nieminen with country festival.