CountryFest-Oke: Eric Church Edition

Wednesday, July 12th


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All right our phone number 619570. Number 1973. Today Eric church for country fest OP somebody could be sitting in the Subaru. Sing along with Jerry Neiman country's best Oki today we are thinking about Eric church playing a country first. Valued rage when a country that someone will not hardly isn't home all Harley senior way to country fast with country fast Oki. On her hand on. And on Hulu and and yeah yeah. It's OK you know it's. At the right line led us let's go easy an alcohol and Eric search for country first okay go. Blow Lowell. Short this week did not the right sign Mel let's go to Megan and Powell aide Megan senior white country fest with the country's best karaoke generic church. Romney and Brett couldn't eat and sometimes. Yeah how much you're paying even more so they hear. Aren't. You. Write me an article can work when that's not the right one that go to Carlsbad and Mariah. Or a country first okay sings in church. I'm. And gone is gone into math. On and and Alan. One my all and hand it. All that's so good it's not the right one McCann is in Spring Valley senior way to country fast with Eric church and cancel and country fest Oki. I'll use a daily reported seeing it and. Nice try not the right song according to Tammy and it is not me who. I think he. About 17. And I am. That and act now man. Hey hey hey I'm Stephanie I hold on Sony don't go away hold on love doing my shot her to keep going to have John open the envelope field double that some I know freedom. I Stephanie I'm John. Why aren't you were seen Springsteen. I. Mean it. It's my favorite church on two and you are my favorite caller today because you're going to country's best and you might. The only. It's like for the I. I do understand it is one of my favorite is always telling him that we're talking about my goosebumps on my arms. And so stoked for you because you'll also get a chance to maybe sing along the jeered and even music with the man himself and Subaru Saturday at country fest. Yes every one this week who wins on country so he gets that opportunity but someone's gonna get it will see some is gonna give up. And we'll find out on Friday OK Stephanie. Even Bob you guys do every day a mile away. On CDs Stephanie we love to welcome you need to set up values he won all on your own. Stephanie. Please call any time you outrage and that definitely therapist.