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Tuesday, May 10th


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San Diego's number one for new country KS ON it's Greg and would you look at. It is joining me in studio today well actually on the phone call also went out what's up man. I man that debate joining me today thanks very thanks so the then by how are you. I'm real good man a last time that we hung out you were here and we were jammed into my boss's office rocking out to some of tracks your new album got a little sneak peek. And I was blown away Manso congratulations to you on the new album. I thank you so much I've been waiting on my six. To come around for a long time and found it album Elton. Doug can you know give us some of the want to play dough and also from and then from from that you have heard Matt's. And I'm slow us so proud of this phone than just I can Wear the C. Where this album is gonna take this. Now used to be here obviously a huge track I've got up there to number one correct. It did learn here that fifth consecutive and thanks Kamal label. And compromise and same in radio yell my misses. It did take a big group effort not now apply only by the not thankful I am because this is. Pretty dang crazy would have never dreamed I would start my girl would. Conflicts in the warm fall weather. Well I'm fully. Did his pretty amazing but maybe even bigger than that you were one of only six songs to ever be retired in my show feature called the KS ONU countries smackdown. So congratulations on that front San Diego really have soft spot for Colson Lindell and tonight about an hour from now all. Mill the memory will be featured as well so hopefully that one goes the distanced him. I'll boo thank you very I that's you know my favorite song on the album branded same bill and you know I think that we were talking about how do you follow up you should be I don't think there's any song on the album back to. That could really you know follow up from my that are wanted to go to another. You know one of our favorite childhood and live another Verifone and I think. For me middle of the memories on my favorites that I wrote on the album but you know this album I recorded about that I did not rise and that's that may be in a fond of that kind of vote. The big bill from may but you know the songwriters deny that mound. They did a great job and it's. Pedophile when you you're picky and at that any little thing can turn you off of the fondest you know nobody ever recorded vote. They they wrote it exactly how would have a thing these phone mom mom flew so lucky to have a moment now. So also today I heard you. Made history. How well I got this morning and trying to I got. Play at the World Trade Center and I layup. I'll still solitaire and just. You know with the freedom looked and the right behind us salute. Unbelievable for just. To say that in the big thing in such a special song such a special place in that just gonna you know I got a chance to tell the famine so much. You know respect that area and then and them for for being there Livni you know that I'm I was trying to wondered how good they did I knew it was going to be emotional but yeah. In the taught us some of the family and some of the first responders Manila's you know they're they're. I think Bob Hawkins domain name you know it's they're obviously not over but. Yeah it's that they're two point nowhere you know they still might shed some tears that they also smile do not think. That's what you should be good that just kind of you know I can put chief back in a place where. You know you're here still with a person that that you wish was still around the match. You know get this thing that men look hidden in there see in the tears along fan belt of a special moment that I will never ever for. Here that's so powerful. All sorts of feels I'm sure. From a everybody has also of the pictures and looked amazing. There really look mammoon the perfect like defied the lot of the songs like down the bell of the weather was absolutely perfect the Mormon. That's sort of but we're open that the weather didn't. But the for a little while mom and I might have had a little help from bad on the island and did a beautiful beautiful morning and still the beautiful days of fierce so and I know you all man you you're out there with the biggest weather all the. Prominent spot favorite. We know we like it could fit that's I don't wine we're got pretty serious there's I'm just gonna lighten it up here a little bit and this is something that I think Kerry's about to because. I I my hat got myself to him and I know you rocked the Georgia southern now how Georgia southern had. Do you loan. Well used to be honestly about one you know when I first started out only have a like a couple more like I guess the world stage in the shall. He gets away and I have another home but now. They've over the years they've they've what you know about the got a whole stack of Malcolm started getting and then he and different colors Wear them traveling not. Always like the support you know whatever team whether. Professional college whatever knowledge like the support the whole thing wherever wherever I am so it's pretty pretty cool to have. You know GS path and different colors nowhere or play in I'm kind of big man but physical gifts to you know people. People. Like to have because of their change. So I'll yes sir that's pretty awesome. The best deal like speak at commencement general. Not not yet know they'd just. You know it's funny talk about my had a lot of people think it does so via phone my mission. And it's up tomorrow morning just exactly I'm not I better get home. It's important little place I got off start coming up for a Plymouth first gig in college so. Pretty pretty amazing to get to kind of represent you know where I came from. Yeah that's that's awesome man well I appreciate your time I know you gotta go course album came out on Friday in stores and available for digital download. Now also Cole you're going to be back in town in October with Florida Georgia line so we're looking forward to seeing you then as well man. I can mile away let somebody did whether or will be there senator Chan and as somebody. Only get sound they get ready look at boards a man thank you so much for your time I gripped about.