Cole Swindell Calls John And Tammy And Talks About His New Album And More!

Friday, August 17th


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Coal to wind down is he record setting country music singer songwriter. Has had numerous number one song has written even more number one songs were other artists you all know colts win now. You should and they. Oh yeah all of Colson and bill is our guess is current song break up in the end his helmet on Kate Gosselin right now. And it is album release date congratulations. On all that man with social sites for you I would. Have a third out in the fifth you get to thank you so much and like that is coming here. You know when you finish an album he's still got a way to couple months before it actually comes out of them have been just ready for the bank bear out that apparently it. Are you gonna mention that he wouldn't have the third album the wasn't for John antennae on The Today Show I. I got a great deal. I act the first bank that would go to ask me you know hot I had to get here and that I haven't any. A lot of stuff. Our time like the diet candidate that you are even better well I think you would on your own EF seven number one singles as a solo artist and number one singles as a songwriter. Five platinum singles one platinum album won gold Al. One billion on demand streams my goodness do would come on. I guess that I'm at a Nashville I never drained you know it would it would get this or. I don't hello what I do and the food. And just let somebody else that is because this is it's it's crazy to think here's here's my third out not all a dream that would have won. I'm and so the ports and have a thing now I hope. Hope everybody loves everything home. We're with colts when Dell all of it is out is scholes mentioned it is is third at record at school so they called on our jobs immediately meet a lot of local musicians. Who ended up doing exactly what you do it. Packed up their stuff and moved to Nashville to fulfill their dream and yet everybody does that and that's why it's called the LA of the south do you have any advice. For these musicians were all musicians who did what you did. To get through. These what's the word I'm looking for just being intimidated by the scene out there. Padilla it's it doesn't seminary and senior. You're given to us you know in the town where everybody is professional. That song right and think everything they do and now you're you're the new person but I think not biggest. They just now. Hot and have a plan they when you got a network that's what Nashville is that you know they say it's all the relationships well Nashville is the relationship and I mean you got to get out you get that. Networking got to meet people and that's such a tight and I you don't need you gotta kind of self promote the up there and I can't say it is tough this stuff them. To meet the right contacts so right out to be around just to go you know meet people and and keep right song that month. I'm my biggest. Close one dollar you're known for wearing your baseball caps what I'm gonna give you a choice are no more baseball caps ever made so you have to pick a new actual book passion. Will it only a a Fedora beat a parade or see the easy drink your beer and soda guzzler helmet. And I. Base you know that you how to go and authorities said that so all of the food the beer drinking helmet. And every. Everybody does the Fedora because it guided 'cause there are drinking Helmut Kohl's I'm now. The door out my mom held. I didn't listen the album is finally out and we are stoked for you we know how much you appreciate your fans and the people that play your music and we appreciate you for appreciating us so let's have a big love fest out and done we'll see you would get back to San Diego calls when they'll congratulations on today. I thank you so much and I appreciate everything else went. Carl will take care SI Kimberly just content in the seriously you don't listen to me half the time that's the thing you pick up it's good how would never have every now well on my god it never happened don't we all. I looked at. I got meant little in the way. All available swindle them be up. Yes. You do things are doing things are going so Maddon. Did one mistake electric vehicles and build it may have been okay. Yeah.