CMA Tribute to Las Vegas Victims and How You Can Help

Thursday, November 9th

The CMA tribute to the Las Vegas victims las night was especially moving. We have a way you can help those effected with the SD United Remembering Vegas event this Friday. 


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I was a beautiful CMA awards especially when he came to dedication to remembrances remembrances of legends that we lost. And remembrances of the victims of the violence that has happened in Kerry underway at the had a beautiful start. To the CME's with her tribute. And also your church did I did a wonderful rendition of amazing grace yeah actually started off the show just him onstage dark spotlight. Yeah me. This thing. And so we. So. Yes. Been gone. Okay. Or. No. That's what it's low. I. C. Unlike air church was what made it so meaningful and in the old guy onstage together to do rendition of a Darius Rucker and into renewable Phish song hold my hand it was great. Although I couldn't eat my hat. My eyes off Ronnie Dunn's here I slick guys like five to put 68 with a hair. Still to stay there help buckle down by an old school he is very very very tall very tall and don't just barracks on the. I don't benefit of the. I got Kerry again when she sang a song losing him. And it was during the in the memorial on the part of the show which was sailing very long and ended with all the faces of those who died at the root under one harvest festival. Lots they get. Charlottesville. New York Sutherland spring. Historic storms in Texas Frederico and Florida. Analysts goes on or not. This is many years marked by tragedy impacting countless lives including so many in our country music family. So tonight. We're gonna do what families do. Come together and prayed together cry together dancing together to him. And that's what they did manage prevented Troy gentry Judy was so touching an injury I just think about it right on the Glen Campbell little big town tribute was beautiful. As was. The Brothers Osborne and their tribute to Donald Williams so they really did remember those that we lost and was I'd I loved that part of the showed that a husband awards myself personally via exactly was sacked. It was just a dwelled on very well done OK now speaking of 91 the benefits continue and we've got another one this Friday were joining joining us right now is. Andrew representing San Diego are united they enjoy what's going on now. That's so Friday we're coming together. CA united at events or rate held for the victim's family the other California. And we're still let's say you know and all the victims that we got their back parent or their family and they and they can turn sprout. In where is this event on Friday night. But the event of the art rock hotel from picked the nine that's right on the roof top so it should be a beautiful night at that moment I had a ton of friends there. They're close they're a bit Brandon survivor Taylor went spent. I'm who are actually gonna be awarding. During the event. They're the first responder is the marine veteran. I'm marine veterans we're going to be some of the Marines are getting together to give him an award for occurred during the during the event. Well thank you for your service and yet Taylor is our friend who would join us tears as. You've probably all her. I now above via the man who so brave to actually commandeer a truck and take a three truckloads to the hospital saving so many more lives right. I mean I still can't even imagine. The courage of that that that took an engine that's so cool man anything else people need to know about this. I get third I ever want to go to the they would pay just the united you can buy tickets if you can't make you can donate. Excellent will will see you out there Friday night at the rooftop on at the hard rock Ian thanks for sharing that would skip that please pack there may make. Taylor was as a matter of fact was just honored this past Monday I believe by Amir Faulkner and some cynical police officers for his heroism. So let's let's do us. Let's do this let's let's dedicate these National Anthem to. Police officers who many of them from the Syria who were also a route 91 there protecting people. Dated every day. Thank you for what you do this is our National Anthem with little big town on KS ON. It's.