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Good morning and welcome to another edition of living veteran San Diego public service presentation of the Entercom San Diego radio stations and Jerry Lee. City of Hope is a leading research and treatment center for life threatening diseases. They've been designated as a comprehensive cancer center which is the highest recognition bestowed. By the National Cancer Institute city hopes scientists worked with doctors to treat both the physical and emotional needs of their patients. Joining us this morning the City of Hope regional director of philanthropy Robin hi Emma. Fund raiser John Armand Trout. Co-founder of together for hope Melissa Armand Trout and City of Hope cancer survivor and fund raiser Cynthia report. Welcome Robin John Paul listened and Cynthia Geary. I Gary. While I was expecting you all chime in together. Robin good seeing you again in a while since I had you on the show it has been thank you for having us back it's great having you back again and great meeting you Melissa John and Cynthia as well I appreciate you being on Saturday let's start with a little. Background information if we could. On City of Hope. Yes well City of Hope was established in 1913. So we go about quite a few years. And a little history lesson for you so city cope with actually started as a result of a gentleman of the Los Angeles area who was diagnosed with tuberculosis. And unfortunately he passed away of the disease and passed away in a very undignified way in the street to Los Angeles and so it was colleagues of his in the garment district that in a very traditional paths hats style. Collected enough money to pay for his funeral services. But even raised more money to purchase thirteen acres of land. Which is now known as City of Hope indoor take California and on the analysts acres of land they've built two tents one for patients. And 14 at the nurses in the medical staff to treat the patients with tuberculosis. So fast forward here for tuberculosis comes out and the leaders of City of Hope had. The forward thinking two to switch gears and focus on cancer research. And today city Pope delivers scientific miracles. That makes lives whole again we are comprehensive cancer center. Dedicated to treating cancer diabetes. HIV aids and other life threatening diseases. And we're world leaders. In cancer research treatment and prevention and our doctors partner with scientists to transform lavatory breakthroughs into treatments that outsmart cancer. As well as diabetes and other life threatening diseases compassionate care is how a City of Hope with started and it continues to be the heart of our approach. And that's what what is the mission in cities coast mission is to transform. The future pal. Every day return science to practical benefit in return hope into reality we are accomplishing this through exquisite care. Innovative research and vital education focused on eliminating cancer and diabetes how long was the does San Diego branch been open. Are standing a field office has been open and before going on fifteen years now. How can you have other offices around the country right yes we have a strong national presence with City of Hope and a lot of that started when I talked about the under that the starting to City of Hope when it started out as a tuberculosis sanitarium as people would travel from the East Coast to be treated at city Apollo. As a result of died we have field offices located in nine different major cities across the country raising money foresee Pope and the research that read him. That we whereas Duarte dark California just a little east of Pasadena. Parent and and is that where that the main research center and and medical facility is yes that is where where are on C a Pope help for hospital. And our Beckman research institutes generous. But additionally to that we have thirteen outpatient community centers in the outskirts from. And turn two. City surrounding. So you don't have to go to the the main medical facility in August depends on what you what your treatment is exactly yes. So you could end up going to a local clinic yes. City of Hope as you mentioned does research and treatment for life threatening diseases like diabetes cancer HIV aids. There are so many other organizations out there that that. Do similar work what makes City of Hope stand out over those others on makes them different. Well there are so many reasons but I had to name one today you are Polly have to be our clinicians are researchers. What a real group of mice superheroes we have. Our executive leadership has increased their focus on recruiting the greatest scientific minds and some of the top institutions in the country. And their efforts are really showing. Leading he's recruit efforts is our chief scientific officer doctor Steven Rosen who came to City of Hope in 2014. After serving as director for over 24 years and Northwestern's cancer center in Chicago Illinois. Doctor Rosen is recognized as one of the best doctors in the country. And a very short time doctor Rosen has recruited and continues to recruit the eighteen the medical professionals around the world. To just recently we welcomed internationally recognized any knowledge has doctor art Rupe to chair of the department of diabetes. Immunology within city pokes diabetes research institute. Moving from the Netherlands. With his team that researchers to California he is an internationally recognized authority and key opinion leader on multiple aspects of type one diabetes. Other notable recruits every cent per doctor human Fong who joins City of Hope after spinning more than two decades of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York. Doctor Fong is an internationally recognized expert in cancer of the liver pancreas gallbladder and bile ducts. And doctor Larry clock another want to mention after clock who is named time magazine's one of time magazine's most influential people. Joint City of Hope in April of 2015. Following a decade of leadership in lymphoma and my mom my research and treatment. And and. While an end and you've been sitting hopes in the middle of the forefront of lots of research when it comes to these life threatening diseases cancer diabetes HIV and aids. And can we talk about some of those accomplishments Al please act specially with our history of innovation. So numerous breakthrough cancer drugs including attacks and at a stand are based on technology ever pioneered by City of Hope and are saving lives worldwide. And millions of people with diabetes benefit from synthetic human insulin developed through research conducted at city of ho. We estimate that our research and treatment programs benefit over 100. Million people each year that's incredible it is incredible. And and what's what's happening on the idea. Research front today. We currently have over 300 patents and almost thirty drugs in the pipeline at any given time. And won them exciting research projects I recently heard about the I'd love to share with you today is has to do with doctor Fong. One of resent recruits that we had that come to city of oh. Doctor fog came to see poke because of the collaborative environments and cutting edge research taking place. The Pope has given doctor Fong the opportunity to apply his risk research to a novel new scenario. Using irises to manipulate hard to treat cancer. So he is manipulating these hard to treat cancers to act like cancers that have effective treatment and high cure rates. So in a sense this promise senior approach doctor Fong is taking viruses sending them to the cancer cells. So they are killing cancer cells but they're also changing the genetic makeup of that cancer cells so these pancreatic cancers are now becoming. Thyroid cancers and highly curable thyroid cancers are typically treated with radioactive iodine a simple but powerful treatment that provides and 90% cure rate. That's pit that's an exciting science going on yeah you know they're probably isn't anybody else think that has not been affected by cancer in some way. Even knowing somebody having themselves have my family Newton at some form of cancer. Before passing so it's great work that it's being done their City of Hope. And a gives people hope for the future. Yes there are no clinics here in San Diego what the the office here in San Diego's is pretty much in the fund raising into the. Yes we did we we did it under eighteen but you know there's there's a big population will travel up to City of Hope it's it's really not that far a drive. It you know within an hour and a half drive up the end. Right away that you can take good. And I traveled there many times. But have quite a few people go there and for second opinions. And and you know the first reason for a second opinion is your peace of mind and you know quite often when people are diagnosed with cancer. That it's perfectly normal to have questions wondering if you're physician and is the most experienced for the year tepid diagnosis. I am easier. Easier treatment plan your course of action set up the correct one for you know. I am to inquire about clinical trials so quite often people will seek out second opinions traveling to City of Hope. Been to comprehensive cancer center meaning all we treat is cancer. If you were to go to City of Hope and fall and break your arm you'd have to go down to the local community hospital it's a focused comprehensive cancer center. So sit poke. And going there and having a team of multi disciplinary experts which includes surgeons radiation and medical oncologists pathologists radiologists. And seasoned health professionals. Won't get to through understanding and the latest in advance treatments. And you end City of Hope does collaborate even though we don't have a hospital here or even a clinic here. You do collaborate with with local hospitals here don't we act we collaborate deny even just locally we collaborate with over 400 institutions. In forty different streets in thirty different countries so supporting City of Hope. Is supporting. The all understand the reach San Diego. Right that it it does help right here as well absolutely now yesterday you had AM big event at death Pepco park it was your sixth annual yoga for hope that go it went wonderful and it just keeps growing and growing every year. So this year we had close to a thousand people come out and actually do a nineteen mini yoga class in the center field at Coe park. And yet site to. He really is and it started the day starts off with with our yell he's an even dummies even if you get never taking on the yoga we have quite a few people that show up. I'm for their first time yoga class. And they're greeted with this wonderful wellness market place. Come where there's different vendors they got to shop got to find out about more health products in the open market and there are all escorted onto the field a pet co. Where is the ninety minute classes led by some San Diego's most premiere yoga instructors. And this year we were graced wind thumb a celebrity yoga instructor Sean corn. Annan who is quite known in the yoga community and she ended the class with a with a beautiful. And the Boston and closing managed just it was a very. In addition to raising money for City of Hope it's a very spiritual experience for many people to celebrate their own survivorship. Two on to may be remember ones that are with us in spirit. So it's it's a it's an amazing inspiring and tech chino pants all in one. And something to look forward to dancing ballots it's passed yet can look forward to for next year actually. Now you have another big event coming up September 24 that as your annual together for hope wellness event how many years you've been doing this in San Diego. Goodness this event well it it's the event itself has been going on six years but we've been walking in City of Hope we've been walking into any help for City of Hope for many years. But this is week we put a new twist I'm recently on our traditional five K walk. Where in addition to people having the option of walking in a five KE. They can do it to a forty mile lock and we even have a standup paddle course and again this is September 24 wears a debt taken place takes place in deanza cove right there in beautiful mission beach home on a beautiful place to have it yes and and it is at two to register. Registration if you pre registered. Is 35 dollars for adults and 25 dollars for kits and where can they register they can go to Debbie Debbie W dot together for hope dot art. Anything else that's going to be going on aside from. The actual walk and there's them they aired in addition to blocking your paddling we'll have a variety of vendors that are going to be giving up helpful. On samples of food and and information and we'll have musical have the CW six will be ink screen and music. From local radio stations and it's just a real festive and celebratory time and that is September 24. I'm now mistaken Melissa you helped too that start together for hope didn't she. Yes I did that was one of founding members that started it today forty mile block and when was that and that once. We probably started talking about six years ago unmanned this will be our fifth time doing them long distance walk in what was it that. That motivated you to get involved with city of Al. Well like he said earlier he. Am we've all been touched by cancer at some point and I had been participating with a group of individuals who had done several long distance walks over the years. And we were looking for an organization to partner with to contain eateries money and we got connected with Rodman at the City of Hope. And it. She. We proposed this crazy idea of having a long distance flock. Because walking forty miles this fun yeah. And we started this event with her and misses are fit here are very excited about it. Something all crazy about locking forty miles. And a lot painful too but it's all for a good cause it out certainly is and am I think when things that struck me personally. When we met Rodman and my only went up to Duarte in the City of Hope there's this big. Metals lower sculpture and the sculpture garden and it says there is no profit in curing the body if in the process we destroy missile. And it really struck me as something because. The City of Hope is not is certainly focus on research and medicine and finding a cure. But they do it for the hope and men and that impact in me like nothing. Ever I had anticipated with the four. Now John you are. Doing your share and and helping City of Hope some fund raising going on right now you are. In the process of reaching your goal of running 100 half marathons by your fiftieth birthday that's right and and witness your fiftieth birthday so my fiftieth birthday will be the middle of next month in September. This was something that I came up with the added roughly during the 43. Opera nine did which is rough clear in my 43 birthday. I'm when your running you can have a lot crazy thoughts going through your head and this one seemed to stick chorus I wonder if I could do a hundred he's by my fiftieth birthday. Given the pace had been doing them which was about four year that was significantly upping the ante so to speak. I thought the severe funding to just is a personal goal. And it was it was after finishing no bill walk last year so I've done that together for a balk twice. On it was after that and and you really get the sense says. Helping other people and and the you know every sector taking could potentially help a mean a hundred million people annually. It it's kind of an amazing feeling to realize that that you've been walking and and struggling and hurting. That the benefits to keep we don't even know is is just kind of incredible and I thought. Could I do something about this personal goal of a hundred half marathons. That would be somehow equivalent to fit together for hope. I experienced that that I got Teixeira my wife and so. Idea I've nicknamed this hundredth race I hope 100 mom and through the the fundraising I'm web sites that seatbelt hasn't been able to. To raise huge amount of money so far and open not done yet. And hundredth race will be on August when he first of next week it's. It's essar of fitting it's the same race I did my first race has so it got the first and hundreds of the same one just seventeen years apart. So so it's seventeen years is taking you do all yes that's dedication it's something. Maybe insanity can't pass and screen I commend you on that and whereas the F the walk that did the last not walk last. A marathon and it is America's finest city sorry and the bell ballpark. And on August when he first OK that's next Sunday yes OK and you have tea a website for people to donate I do it's. It's under the the City of Hope it sound power hope dot City of Hope dot org back slash hope 100. You view and I hope you don't mind me mention this that you yourself had a melanoma that's correct three years ago okay and how you doing now find I mean as far as I know you know thank pled not had to be patients are speaker City of Hope because. My wife was. Persistent enough in and pay attention is more my back that thing didn't look at ninth kept saying I can't see it sought to have take your word foreign. She actually set the parliament the dermatologist and and went in and and and dermatologists immediately recognized it and and we noticed Melissa as she was for money or your wife to save your life today. And it turned out that it it was melanoma it was only point 21 millimeters deep meaning. I didn't have to go to oncologists. Mistress I guess half millimeter or more than you be off to an oncologist and an anchor of tension may not see the City of Hope as well but. Maybe they removed a large section of my back and I'd like this or intelligence or three months so far so good poker and then to hear glad to hear that knee and Melissa thank you for. For a exactly yes thank you. At that. And Cynthia you. You are a five K participants for together for hope you are also a City of Hope cancer survivor. How many years you've been doing the together for a for hope. This'll be my sixth here. I did my first walk. When I had completed only treatment and it was sort of welcome back to the world walk and I had people that flew out from. New York in Atlanta and we've all got together and celebrated. My survivorship. So appreciative of everything that their team and City of Hope again for me. And do you mind tell us a bit about your story. Sure I was. Feeling healthy and that. On I was fine men and it's been announced to me I had some issues went to the doctor and was diagnosed with stage three rectal cancer. And I think there's one thing I want to impart to people is just because you don't think picture well have a physical every year have to self check. Because in no way did I think I was sick and he can't trust your body and trust the doctors right. So. I actually. City of Hope has a rich background with my family my grandfather raise funds he was actually patient the tuberculosis clinic and it was part of my upbringing for all my ears and as it can be up. Police statues and plaques and he is to lock up and down Clint dimes and Nickels he spent his last breath raising money from the City of Hope and I'm the benefactor of that. When I was diagnosed living in San Diego I was for it to another hospital. Led by the grace of angels hook. I actually filled out an application. For a second opinion on the city of a web site they got back to me immediately I had a treatment program. It was. Well worth whenever drive I did every day for my treatment. And get the best care in the world. She drove to Duarte yes all the time yes and wanted to end things it was remarkable about the City of Hope is my doctors. Allowed me to have a a voice because they treat every body. You know everybody's unique in the sensitive to that and it is not wasn't a treatment program that was this is what we're going to decent the end it was a discussion. And so I had options of where I could have. My chemotherapy. My radiation. But the surgery was always gonna be at City of Hope because they were so sensitive because I at that I mattered. I wanted to have my keen on there as well I did my radiation locally. That's something that you do every day and they said an up and it turned out. Then many of the radiologists cut their training and City of Hope that the local hospital. Full circle full circle so now are you cancer free I am I haven't celebrated mine anniversary of mind since my last chemo treatment. So essentially I'm a member of that population like everybody else but I. Stage three colon mental disease is pretty serious. Lent I participated in clinical trial. And it wasn't drug trial it was sort of an order in terms of how they went through the process. And I'm alive today because of. Well there's a part in your round in year bio that I read her hug on the that struck me. And that was where you said that to them. Everyone the doctors nurses fellows or release attendance had a reassuring smile that kept you going. Oh absolutely I mean it's it's. You think that it cancer hospital is going to be a rather dour place. Because of their people you know literally like I was fighting for my life but everybody gave me hope. You know pushing I had a complication after when my surgeries and irrationally. To an extreme. Am an X ray and even that little orderly pushing me was smiling and telling me it was all out and it was going to be fine and and not an condescending way and it heartfelt. Sincere. Voice. Is that feeling of hope that you that absolutely they gave you absolutely pentagon. Now is is there a way for anybody listening this morning they want to support you. In Europe together for hope. Now would be fantastic I do then got back up. I am part of the together for hope dot org my team is writers for hope I am actually. Ride horses as a past time right to sized. And so it's my fellow brother in in the saddle. Walking to raise money for the City of Hope. That's great today and congratulations on being cancer free a City of Hope and again a testament to that to doing some great work. Robin and moved the money that's raised from the together for hope and and yoga for hope where does that money go. And many go straight to City of Hope and it goes to benefit the research treatment and education programs it goes to get. Our researchers into the lab and to working and looking for two years. OK so it doesn't stay here in San Diego but it does benefit. San Diego because again every where we're kind of tied into an anyway absolutely now again the get together for hope is going to be September. 24. Gamblers are going to be held him. At deanza Coke and you can go to the website. Debbie Debbie W. Dot together for hope dot org and what time does it start it's an early wind it'll start at 7:30 in the morning. And we'll get people warmed up and walk and OK so 730 is when as the festivities all star yes OK and an onsite registration you can register there as well you can registered day and we do encourage people to register prior to he say a little bit in my young registration as well. And down yoga for hope. Done for this year. But next year's it isn't held pretty much round same time every year this year it got moved back to summer because of the the all star game and be an impact echo park. I am so we just we're hopeful that we'll probably do beamed back to late spring next year OK a little cooler yes. Any other did you guys have any other fundraisers. Throughout the year besides these these two locally. We we did so we have done we have. I really strong support system throughout city of Pope so in addition to these are our two large events that we do. I'm we have a wine event a taste of hope prevent that comes out in the spring. We have on a good turnout and good population of people that holds. And that's on their own week we come third party events but people who have been touched by a City of Hope whether a loved on mistreated there they were treated there. We'll hold individual events throughout the year so we are pretty busy. We also have a really active chapter groups. Than what that is is that's kind of our traditional way of raising money. Majority of our chapter groups are made up of our senior population in San Diego we have close to 500 seniors that are part. There are part of a chapter at City of Hope. So I have one chapter located in the Oceanside area at the ocean hills country club near the ocean hills North County chapter. Hairdo lean any magic gala. On September 10. Which is a really fun and then we have magicians coming down from the magic castle a lot of LA if that. And on other chapters it do monthly luncheon so they're really as opportunity. No matter whether you walk whether you paddle whether you do magic to support City of Hope in the San Diego area. As there of a local City of Hope web web siders are just the national one if you go to dean national website. You can get to the San Diego web page. Eric you can just simply call our office to weed we. We enjoy talking with people and she aryan and and a sharing what we're doing and connecting with people so they can give us a call 858. 4526846. And the City of Hope website. Daddy daddy daddy dot City of Hope dot org okay annual social media we are we've got. A FaceBook page an actual specifics in eagle FaceBook page as well as the national City of Hope. FaceBook page. Great Robin good seeing you again Ray Kelly on the show again thanks for all you do at City of Hope. John Melissa thanks to use well for all that you do and John good luck. Next week with fan that death last appear half marathons in this venture viewers thank you appreciate it and Cynthia thank you as well thank you for being on the show. And that good luck with the F together for hope and continued good health you think you name. That includes another edition of living better in San Diego the opinions expressed on living better San Diego do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of the staff and management. Of the and it comes San Diego radio stations. Episodes of living veteran San Diego are available on the station's web site. Join me next week when my guess will be from west L. And UC San Diego health. Until then I'm Garry lake have a great week.