Cinco de Mayo or Cinco de Mayor?

Friday, May 5th


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Happy Cinco De Mayo and Johnson in the morning. New country DSL one mayor wells with a from alcohol to wind. For mayor wells anything I can't make and we wanted to like hey you wanna do some fun with us he likes. There you just don't know what you get yourself and do so today we wanna placing got a mild or cinco de mayor. We played L Simon Holmes feet there is now. Don't ask you when you actually do a read you some random. Pieces of trivia OK it's either concerning the city in which you're the mayor of and welcome home. Yes OK god if I at first I got here. I can I go to our club about me fits into the mile okay absolutely okay a so. If in my Mir he's Miami and it's a if you think it's on the about ticket in my early today to be the mile so be it alcohol and you Jason good to mayor back. That's OK you're number one near built into its nickname. Is the big box. That would be alcohol. So. O cinco de mayor shingles my practice area. Okay. Well did you let Tammy I did that. He did you know why cut is it because it where it lays low and everything around and also because it looks because El Cajon means literally the box the box yourself. Oh so far your one for one there was a lot about seeing the the mine or Singtel and the mayor. 81 million opera condos are consumed here. That would have to be in a secluded motto O'Leary O'Leary exactly all right yeah. Sad I was I was trying to think now we have 100000. People assuming Matt Meyer Maria yeah. I was up. Yes yeah one day a one million albums titles will be consumed today I by Americans. We love. This day M hmm all right there are too wallow races Qaeda in the crowding two of the dog skiing in Queens. Throughout that's got to be boat because we do that at home all tournament. But I think you'd know that so what costs are good in my. Shingles my practice. A small city in Arizona has to Waller races in honor of cinco the mile. And at the end of the race in a king and queen Shalala too cute for their festival you're so good this right you don't that this as part of becoming the merits of tests that we have to take yes well I. I'm glad that you said that officers are final single mile or singled to listen question what do you win there's got to be a prize involved and these are listening in with those prize and yeah yeah. We've been. And it's actually mayor your plea from Lisa in paradise hills and she's doing some money fittingly enough for today's big celebrations at on the border that's. At least see somebody gets something else that's all right only if you get this last one right oh OK here they gonna determine whether they have a good think undermine or not. All right mayor bill wells. Welcome owns mayor sinking demand we're sync with the Mir are this was incorporated in 19120. Wow. He let me think I could it be security mayor slowly slowly I would hope that you get. When you start celebrating cinco de mild but no you didn't hear real well six. Eight Q 61 are exactly right Tim and quick hook and it. Once it is not popular country believes Mexicans independence nor does not to notice. It at all I was just reading about I'm sorry. I mean from me or not at all do you notice Yahoo! with the Arizona and a war against France and Napoleon and it was the battle of Puebla we unlock will lie exactly right this guy knows everything course he does that plays the mayor. Yeah I think use general Domingo. The Margarita that the Pentagon. I'm. That's right that's why we eat we drink margaritas there didn't know that they didn't. I. You're messing with you and I straight face when you say a government deal.