Chef Brad's Test Results Are In

Thursday, September 21st


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Show brand let's join us with some breaking baby news. Nine serial again. Here we go again. That was a dozen lynch and small tumble over Johnson in the morning San Diego's number one for new country KS a went after 7 o'clock Garth o'clock as Garth Brooks joins us. This force in the show's been brought to buy tornado of Escondido finer or more Smart buyers like you get their best deals. At Toyota Escondido dot com we do have a chance. For some showers are not today it's a little cooler to look for or low seventies we by chef Brad with us today chef Brad good morning. More now we understand that you had quite the eventful day recently. I did. We'll look to serve from the beginning it's been an adventure. John it was that when he and stay near pet day you'd like I've been to borrow walk us. Yeah I had. The plea for a Los it's weird to bring other dude yeah a healthy mind. My name's John John Ximian DSL and and it kind of a weird thing but today is. May need you know it's world stage in game three you can. Spay or knew your hands again on our show we decided we are also include husbands and that's this is show perhaps. Hey hey and we were hoping that we can get jammed shut Brent a vasectomy today. Where do you have a complaint and durable though. We we couldn't do it could walk in hundred curves and you'll porno you have to have a claim it aren't we can maybe get should consultant. It's possible. And I can can do that that we can't do that essentially can pick right now or 7 this morning Brooke I brought my abdominal peace. Brad did have his appointments and of course and there's time in between. But I from what I understand producer staff you had to rush a specimen in any man when my husband said we kept it simple and within an hour call and of course the doctor's offices twenty minutes away so I took to the minivan. It's like you're sure stress and then dating given the results right away so we had to wait all week and you're on hold for twenty minutes. I think where Barney for 24 minutes to find out whether or not your vasectomy walked. Yeah and the results are heard. The year ago. Oh. Bureau this is Tammy. All know you have. Explain all the. No longer zoom yeah. Buzz is. I need and cupcakes or something. Do cupcakes wrap up. Our Everett RB Cooper cited QB Darryl. Here you're going on record right. Now Jeff rappers are just husband and letting us know that there's not a chance as long as steps with fuel. That she's getting a pregnant again leave us there. No chance I can impregnate anyone. Okay let's not compatible breezes that anyone for that matter. There are an idea I saw another life she'd made a kick her husband instead regrets he can't knock me up should I bring you take like that. If they can't quit like ribs. Dave yeah Barry did not take a big game.