Chef Brad's New Toy

Friday, January 12th


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All it into a playoff football frenzy. When your team is still alive whether he's just really dig on NFL playoff football returns tomorrow. I don't Tammy imprint just both packer fans are hoping that anybody but the vikings advance and her patriots either to go anywhere sound I'm going to be disappointment and are generally pay and Johns jinx right yeah I guarantee the patriots went power that they Q you're welcome not all of the opposite happened on probably not this week the speaking of football I've told you guys I mean this I'm quitting fantasy football all my league's all believe. I think so and who does talks mean a couple months anyway I. And here's a reason why I saw chef Bradford is just husband at their son's birthday party on Sunday he's all like give them money give them a money because he came in second in our fantasy league guy came in fourth which is the kissing your sister bulls as far as I was concerned. The Brad got some money it was super stoked. And like I do it is about used to position for your super cheap. And you you normally would say I want money for groceries normally real practical mom thinks you let your husband by something he wants with his winnings which is very cool of. Well he does say before he gets back into fantasy football every year all right honey I'm going to get myself one thing and the rest. We'll go to family bills and all that this so he was like candidate candies are waiting for to arrive and I had no clue what it was let's find out in this. All right I've never seen my husband this excited for a package to arrive. Drug your winnings at Tennessee football what the heck is this in our kitchen. Gravitated there are referred minutes of the Saturday. My Immersion circular theater has arrived. What an emergent sic it later it's something that's literally clamped onto life. Boiling pot of water recent trip sue the Altria. You cook at a precise temperature. Well so I'm cracking currently 82 pound prone route by moment you heard two hours and harder and 29 degrees. All right so on the show we know Jun says stake should always be medium rare. It was cool and I prefer my stage where yeah I quoted you should never cooked eggs more than medium but I had to choose a big where this thing OK and then someone getting. That's exactly what I'm going for. Is probably the best they currently all. Palliative John Albert for this medium rare steak should she do. And are much too packed I'll especially since when you're losing went to this is so big for a. I've eaten and they that it had to think about that is at stake over. Emergence or theater it was economic I don't know that can't over Kirk anything. And I'm just super stoked with right butter herb. Marinated. Rib by Omaha it's currently circulating and hurt trend degree rendered and here's another hour and 44 myths. I'm in love with your husband a similar pitcher of the stake needs lord look at that. A UK and the user that's rare and that's where you know threats we the American lives we've put together anywhere yes that's gonna eat this picture hung up a he said it was about stakes could it did everything he wanted it to the you shouldn't do it really would like more like look we're like secret lovers texting each other check this out just sort of like with the as board members and secure manifest into my fantasy winnings. I go oh my god isn't thinking about the deep about the domestic ever had a nervous. I said don't over cook it up but fortunately it's impossible to stick Oklahoma both of you just heard their emergence or commuter me oh my god I. Brad season that this salt and fresh cracked pepper vacuums the with the best organic butter can find fresh time and me stop. Attribute it to this as a pitcher of the stick a Mike. Has medium rare top to bottom but I'd say oh my god dude that's beautiful if you read this exchange. No lower blood were secret indictments that we're we're lovers right. They don't even those who. It's that it's a new address not just can't get the more alone 11100 no I'm. And I only got to three ripped off the bottom it sure is gonna look. Not they are lower but. I'm. QB he had an attribute that their league.