Chef Aaron from Salt and Whisky

Thursday, November 2nd


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Till we talked about John Jamie thanks for your service giving the biggest obstacle we had Bruce's staff and you report your error I'm out of the hope and pat are you wearing a wig. Hope I know my hair turn gray I've found three gray hairs. Why do with the three kids and to a broader problem was we had nowhere to find somebody that's gonna prepare a gigantic beautiful gore made Thanksgiving dinner news for our heroes. Who serve our country yet it's a lot it's 200. Of our service members who are going to be able to be with their family this Thanksgiving and so we wanted something terrific and a war how. Did it get stepped up a notch here is the executive chef consultant whiskey at the Orton grand hotel he said I will do it from. And for that we say thank you should. Total result is 200 people lose twenty. So when a lot of limb chef there and NC you know from around these are I'm not no thank you wolf allows vols know from wheels. Yeah I mean literally I mean he sounds like you did just get off the last as it's a good thing a nose elections so she's usually the child is calling him in the states. For uses John Lewis awesome putty like San Diego. Over yeah you've done LA that always go to and stay in the Sunday yeah his last Maicer isn't this a lot I mean people why is it's much nicer. So listen we're not talking about any Thanksgiving meal here I'm looking at the men you're in our mouth is absolutely watering my in Brussels Bronson guy in Al I have your Brussels sprouts a fifth opponent and we -- did that game. Did you take that we're checker could have some of the that we had as a look at them as quick. As he moves back. I do things in the states tell me. Russell. The ball was shot but the men and then you're preparing for prayer do member roughed up here and not really no point. We both April and so many many is on a daily visits your reserve flood utility funds given pluses and nothing buckle boot camp so I was a school of fizzle fought. People like what they eat this is from Lee and things buckled in to the new of these the dude is too little yes. And an ability none of this stuff unless it is to myself in the really this sort of second here. Prepare stuff you got no idea how it's gonna come out plus some of my best work I'm really into that hill hill. He is so not knowing just put it in your mind you're creating. These these ingredients to mix together mold together. Is your hell that's sophisticated you know it tastes like before you taste I don't say not vote. And don't we just respected by the look the arrogance of chassis you should know I -- I am in all chefs I always wanted to be shaft. I still have dreams of going to culinary school to become a shaft. I really respect what you do it right at MTV era gains is a big part of it and Amy. I. Got it open and around again if it is also a very creative industry as well the best chefs in the world are extremely creative and can think of couple things like you know Nolan thought of putting these together but I but it works so we're really thrilled with what you're putting together for our service members for John Anthony's thanks for your service giving we're so excited because it's already filled up we have our 200 service members and were full of volunteers. On a different note just because of going through your history of being ish Africa what was something that you made you thought was gonna be so spectacular and it turned out to be. Hello hopefully I'm sure we go back a few years display in who originally as subtle as a pastry chef in niece and a confronts the soil islanders into something different and I try to make it does is it okay profit on pigs intestines all YE played I don't actually know. Midlife crisis hit it Leo I'm an emotional he said pig intestines get directed to recognize what I'm sure her juror does it wrapped in a sausage kid and just doesn't sound appealing to us probably an easement it was done in front solve. The credit for a bucket list. Well listen I can't wait to get milieu more manned ended ended try your food I've been near Russia before some of fan already of your work and just thanks again for helping us out to know full of what was apparent shift Kearin. Yeah grand hotel thank you so much.