Checking In With Mama Barbara

Monday, September 18th


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About the check in with some we haven't talked to awhile. Jamie's mother while mama Barbara our Olympic correspondent who moved out and about the Olympics. Next year the Olympics in 20/20 eight and hopefully get some wonderful seeing from a Communist and that's she's famous and the SE and. Good morning and San Diego. And mum Barbara I'm sorry honey I'm well. It's better and our. Coordinated and back are. You all I know we're told him Obama because wonderful scenes like neat cool easy out not to have a long time if you remember correctly my mother in law used to be a special correspondent for this. Eight medals now we. Yeah yeah. Yeah well. Well. Dignity yeah. To play two good teams. Dignity it's about that you know. To play your platoons. At any. We are you know what it's it's never too soon to be speaking about the Olympics node next year the Winter Olympics in Japan. And I heard I would going like I mean I just want to know warrants and. What's. I you're you're going to Japan how are you getting your you're gonna be an actual correspondent forced the airline you don't know all. You're part of what you know yeah. No I know you've been drinking there's no way out boss abuse and you just cannot talk about I guess. He'd be golf I heard in nineteen when he thought it. If you're gonna happen here in the act out our. Yeah in Los Angeles I'm not in his only at twenty X 20/20 81928. Canada. The world it's fair soccer and I think you got to Barbara. There aren't torn I don't know. And a their. After that that the bullet anywhere yeah let's get to this Olympics first and then we'll talk about the Olympics in ten years from now super excited are you still be your correspondent right. Sure good lord willing and the creek don't I I'll be here. The lord willing and the creek don't rise I question and you're right these down weakness Hillary and now Barbara saying yes producers have really ever been held in the United States asks us Glen Atlanta almighty help. Your lately there are people who miracles yes that's holy city. All of America am. Excited. Tell me. Right now. It's her baby she's got a baby brain right now I'm usually aren't you the orange pregnant again not not not right now they get although Omar and Richard don't. You are not an error. Robber a listener are Barbara let's not wait. Until just the Japan Olympics ended in 2018 until we talk again please where where where are we. It was wonderful speaking she'd take care of yourself so we can talk to not only for the Olympics next year but the Olympics and 20/20 is well good lord willing and the creek don't rise. In on other. Look at our age you shouldn't. Right now he should get the same sense that she's got a ton of on its government park will what do we know what's at. At at at at what's the meaning of behind the good lord willing and the creek don't rise into the flood yeah all of the media. Proliferate now actually was have to do with. I hope we conceivably get them. I'm hoses are sinking it and you can get their guest that is do you kind of generation that is one little. Yes I'm the same age as my mother and only makes so we're actually works of.